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November 9, 2008
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The Blueberry Mom’s

“Hey Jess! Where’s your mom?”

“She’s coming. She’s just getting something out of the car.”

“Ok. Anyways…..what do you wanna do?”

“I don’t know. Listen to music or something?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Jess came over to my house one day, just to give her something to do. She always seemed bored somehow, and it gave my mom and Jess’s mom some time to talk while they visited. Jess’s older sister, Sarah, sometimes came too, since they said she was old enough to understand “grown up talk”….whatever they meant by that. Jess and I walked up to my room and listened to some music, and talked.

“So did you buy that gum yet so we can prank Olivia with it?” Jess asked.

“The blueberry gum? Yeah, I bought it the other day. Let me find it.” I replied.

I searched around my room. I looked under everything. Underneath the magazines on my desk, on top of my bookshelf, in my book bag…..nothing.

“Where is it!?” I asked myself worriedly.

“Maybe you put it somewhere else besides your room.” Jess offered.

I thought for a moment and gasped.

“Oh no!!”

I ran downstairs and looked in the living room, while Jess followed closely.

“Janelle, what’s wrong!?” Jess asked.

I turned around and looked into her eyes.

“Think about it Jess! If I don’t have it, then it can fall into the wrong hands! That or we can get the prank pulled on us and we won’t even know!”

Jess nodded her head, and then helped me look. I was sure I’d find it sooner or later. Jess and I took a break after searching for well over twenty minutes. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“Hey, mom? What are we having for dinner?” I asked bending over to look for something in the fridge.

“I don’t know yet, but this sure tastes good!” she replied.

I stood up with a mountain dew can, and opened it. I closed the door and took a sip, and looked over at my mom, and Jess’s mom. I took a hard gulp of mountain dew, feeling it slide down my throat in a heartbeat.

“M-m-mom….w-w-what re you chewing?”

“Mmmm…..I *chew* found this on the coffee table in the *chew* living room and it looked tasty. So I *chew* decided to try it. It tastes *chew* so good!” my mom said.

“Mhm, I agree *chew* it looked very tasty, so *chew* we just had to try it *chew*” Jess’s mom replied.

“ahhhh!! Spit it out!” I screamed.

“What? Are you *chew* kidding me? This is sooo good!”

“Just spit it out quickly!” I shot back.

“But...I can’t…..mmmm!! *chew* the flavor is changing!”

“Oh god no….”

“mmm!!! *chew* it tastes like….roast beef!! *chew* oh! And baked potatoes! Mmm!!”

I turned over to Jess.

“Please tell me that she didn’t say baked potatoes….”

“Yeah…she did…” Jess replied.

“Oh god….”

I looked back over at my mom, and Jess’s mom who started tasting it too.

“Oh wow…..*chew* this gum is *chew* amazing!”

I closed my eyes.

“Oh god…here it comes Jess…”

My mom’s eyes glowed with excitement.

“Mmmmm!!! Blue berry pie! *chew* “

A blue spot began to appear on my mother’s nose. Jess’s mom noticed it too.

“You feeling ok?” she asked.


“Your face is turning blue!”

My mom looked at Jess’s mom with a worried look on her face.

“I feel funny…”

“Mom! Your face!” Jess cried.

She looked at the kitchen window and saw her reflection.

“Ahh!! What’s happening to me!?”

Both our mom’s stood up from they’re seats. My mom looked down at her hands, and gazed at them. They were turning blue right before her eyes. The blue spread down her faces, and to the rest of her bodies.

“Janelle! You better have a good explanation for this!” my mom yelled.

“No!!! It wasn’t meant for you!” I yelled.

“Jess!! Did you know about this too!?” Jess’s mom asked angrily.

“Well…yeah…but it was meant for our friend Olivia, not you.” Jess replied in the sweetest voice possible.

My mom shrugged off the jacket she was wearing, and let it fall to the floor. Her belly started to swell outward over the waistline of her jeans as she gulped mouthful after mouthful of juice. Jess’s mother was following the same fate, her belly swelling over the waistline of her shorts as she gulped down mouthfuls of juice.

“What’s happening to us!?” Jess’s mom screamed.

“You’re turning into blueberries….” Jess replied slowly.

“We’re what!?”


The button on my mom’s jeans snapped as the zipper then zipped down in a swift motion. Her thighs began to swell, as did her butt. Her lower half blew up inside her small jeans, causing faint tears to be heard throughout the room.

Jess’s mom on the other hand, was swelling all over. Her breasts, belly, waistline, and ass seemed to inflate at a very constant rate.

My mom leaned her back up against the counter, and began to rub her inflating belly.





Jess looked over at her mom. Her mother’s button up shirt lost all it’s buttons, revealing her black bra she was wearing.

My mom rubbed her large belly, just as a few holes began to form in her shirt. Her belly poked out from under her shirt, lifting it up over her inflated blue belly.


I walked over to my mom and poked her belly with my index finger. It sunk in a good two to three inches. I heard the juice rushing inside her.


I looked over at Jess’s mom. Her shorts had torn in two, leaving her in her black bra and panties.

“Jess… are *chew* so in trouble….” Jess’s mom said.

Jess sighed.

I looked over at my mom just as her jeans ripped apart across her inflating butt, then fell to the floor. Her red panties shined in the sunlight coming in through the kitchen window. Her rounded belly surged further out as the jeans lost the battle. She then spread her legs for balance. A moment later, her arms were forced out by their sides.

Jess and I watched in amazement as our moms swelled into blueberries right before our eyes. There was nothing we could do, except watch…and wait.

“ohhh!!! Here it comes!” my mom yelled.


Her shirt ripped into small pieces sending her breasts to surge forward inside her bra.

Both of them were leaking juice through they’re hardened nipples, leaving a dark blue spot to be seen on the front of they’re bras, as well as the front of they’re panties. Both of them tried to waddle out into the center of the kitchen. As they did, they’re massive breasts swung side to side captivated inside they’re tight bras. Both of they’re breasts were being held together tightly, the bras not wanting to let go. But suddenly, the bras changed they’re minds.


Jess saw her mom’s bra snap, and then her massive breasts bounce into the air right in front of her eyes.


My mom’s bra also snapped, sending her massive breasts bouncing and sloshing into the air.

They’re panties were cutting into their sides painfully; slowly sliding up between they’re asses. Suddenly….



Both of they’re panties snapped, flying across the kitchen and sliding across the floor.

Jess and I looked at our mother’s from top to bottom. They were leaking juice from they’re nipples and vagina. I watched as little juice droplets started to leak out of they’re nipples, and down they’re massive blue tits. A huge puddle of blueberry juice was around each of them, getting mine, and Jess’s feet wet. Instead of white socks, we both had wet, dark blue socks, as we felt the warm juice slide between our toes.

My mom flapped her little hands by her sides as she moaned softly.


“B-b-but mom…..”

“No but’s. Now *chew* juice me little missy or your grounded *chew* for a month!”

“That goes *chew* for you too Jessica!” Jess’s mom shouted.

We both sighed and walked up to our mother’s.

Both of they’re breasts were far larger than usual.

I placed my hand on my mother’s breast. Her nipples were almost black spheres on her massive tits. I gave her nipple a squeeze, and felt warm blueberry juice flow onto my hand, and onto my body.

“OHHHH YESS…. *chew* KEEP THAT UP SWEETIE!!” My mom moaned.

I looked over at Jess while she was juicing her mom, just as she looked back towards me. Jess knew it, and so did I.

We were going to get very wet….


Finally, after all the squeezing, it was over. Our mom’s were back to they’re original size, well….sorta. They’re breasts seemed fuller than before, so did they’re asses. But all in all, at least it was over… we thought….

Jess’s older sister, Sarah, walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, everyone. I was-“her sentence ended, as she looked around the kitchen which was completely covered in juice, so were Jess and I.

“What happened here?” she asked.

“Well….there was this gum and- wait…what are you chewing?” Jess asked her older sister.

“Just some gum I found on the coffee table about an hour ago, why?”

Jess and I looked at each other and gasped. We turned our heads back towards Sarah. She giggled as a blue spot began to appear on the tip of her nose….
Just a little story that a friend had an idea about. The idea was to have someone's mom swell into a blueberry, but as you can see, I put two in the story. I did feel a little uncomfortable writing this, since it had my mom in it and all, but I'd write anything for my beloved fans :hug:
Anyways, hope you enjoyed the story, comments greatly appreciated! :)
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Great story, it's probably my favorite from you due to the concept.
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I actually thought about this story recently, lol.
fares002 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
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xdragon10 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
Very good story, when they were juicing their moms I thought that they were to turn into blueberries because of the juice.
blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Odd-Odette Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
I wouldn't want my mom to turn into a blueberry. It'd be too akward.
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