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Kayla's Butt Expansion

Kayla was a very pretty girl. She wasn't the tallest of her friends, but she was happy of her height at 5 foot 4. She had black hair, and always seemed to have her hair in a ponytail. She wasn't "super" athletic, but she liked to play soccer with her friends, as well as other sports to keep her busy. She had just turned 21 a month before, and had a huge birthday party with all her friends and family. It was one of the best times she'd ever had. Kayla had a slim frame, and her butt was a little bit bigger than you'd think from a girl her size. She also had a lovely smile, and wasn't afraid to show her pearly white teeth.

Now her best friend, Jessica, had come over to her apartment to pay her a little visit, plus to give her a little gift she had gotten for her. Kayla and Jessica had been friends ever since the eighth grade, and they had been through a lot together. But little did Kayla know that Jessica had a little crush on her. Kayla was also latina and she also had a little accent, which Jessica thought was hot....really hot.

Jessica had always admired Kayla, especially her body. She was afraid to admit it to her because she didn't want it to ruin their friendship. Jessica had always wanted to touch, feel, and to squeeze Kayla's ass, and today, she was going to.

Jessica grinned evilly as she sat on the couch and looked over at Kayla who was in the kitchen getting herself a drink.

"Hey, Kayla? I got you a little surprise," Jessica smiled.

"Oh, really? You shouldn't have," Kayla called from inside the kitchen.

"Well, I had to," Jessica said aloud, before she finished her sentence whispering to herself with a giggle," Not to mention how big this'll make your butt grow, hehe."

Kayla walked over and joined Jessica on the couch. Kayla was wearing a pair of black sweatpants, and she wore a bright green shirt. Her black hair was in a ponytail (as always), and she wore two white socks on her feet. She had a bracelet around her wrist, and was also wearing earrings. She looked beautiful, and Jessica could hardly resist.

Kayla took a sip from her glass filled with cold water, and set it on the table before turning to Jessica with a smile, "So where's the surprise!?"

Jessica grinned, "I got it right here."

Jessica pulled out a little pouch from her pocket and held it up to Kayla.

"I know how you like candy, so I got you this," Jessica handed her the pouch.

Kayla looked at it, "It says you have to drink water with it. What's that for?"

"Oh, I think it's to uhhhh....make it taste better or something, ya know? Like a flavor changer thing," Jessica lied.

"Oh, really? That sounds so cool!"

Kayla ripped opened the pouch and looked inside. She looked over and smiled at Jessica, before lifting the pouch up and letting the little candies fall into her mouth. She chewed, then swallowed. She grabbed her water glass and drank a few sips.

"How much water am I supposed to drink after?" asked Kayla.

"Drink a little more," Jessica stated.

Kayla followed Jessica's order, then set the empty glass on the table. She waited about a minute, but the taste in her mouth hadn't changed a bit.

"I thought you said the water was supposed to make the flavor change?"

"Oh, well....give it a little longer," Jessica grinned, "It might take a minute or two before it kicks in."

Kayla nodded her head and sat back on the couch.

"So, how have you been? It's been a little over a week since we got to sit and talk like this, right?" Kayla asked.

"It has, and yeah, I've been pretty good. Bored out of my mind, haha. Wanted to go to the movies last Saturday but they were sold out," Jessica responded.

"Oh, really? That sucks. You know what though? We should go watch a movie together sometime. I don't know when, but we should pick a day and go hang out or something," Kayla suggested.

Jessica nodded her head.

" belly feels a little weird," Kayla said.

"Why? You okay?" Jessica smiled and played a long; she knew why.

"Yeah. I don't know, must have been something I ate for lunch."

Kayla sat up in her seat, before letting out a little burp.

"Oops, excuse me!"

Then it happend.

Kayla's butt started to grow, but she hadn't noticed. Jessica couldn't really notice it either, but she knew she would soon enough.

Kayla shifted in her seat, looking a little uneasy. She looked around the room, then at Jessica, "Hey, is it me or do I feel a little taller than usual?"

"Haha, you wish you were taller," Jessica joked.

"Yeah, haha, very funny," Kayla shook her head, "I don't know though....I just feel a little...higher in the air for some reason."

Jessica looked down at Kayla's thighs and could see them slowly expand outward inside her sweatpants, Kayla still not noticing.

"I feel funny," Kayla said.

"You do?"


Kayla shifted once more in her seat, "Okay, something's up here. Why am I taller?"

"Well, I gave you a growth candy I bought...."

Kayla looked at Jessica oddly, "A what?"

"A growth candy."

Kayla looked down and shrieked at her expanding thighs and ass. She watched as her sweatpants stretched around her growing thighs, and she could feel herself lifting higher and higher off the couch.

She stood up and looked down at herself, amazed at what was happening to her body. Her sweatpants were tightly wrapping themselves around her butt and thighs, and all she could do was watch in awe.

She looked up at Jessica who was staring at her expand. She was leaning forward and her eyes were fixed on Kayla like a predator on it's prey. She wanted Kayla. She wanted her badly. She would soon enough, she thought.

Kayla gulped as she turned and looked into a mirror which was on a wall behind her. She could see her butt had grown a few more inches, and it didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

"W-w-what's happening to me!?" Kayla shrieked.

"Oh, hehe, you like the candy?" asked the staring Jessica.

"The candy is causing this!?" Kayla muttered, her butt cheeks pumping up another four inches.

"Hehe, looks like those sweatpants of yours won't last very long....such a shame, really. Those sweatpants looked good on you. You'll look better with them ripped off, and torn to shreds around your cute little feet," Jessica giggled.

Kayla looked at Jessica and gave her an odd look. Why was Jessica acting so weird towards her? Was this a prank?

"Is this a trick or something?" Kayla asked.



Kayla's butt cheeks had grown over a foot and a half wider, and her sweatpants were beginning to tear. Throughout the room, the sound of stitchings could be heard screaming off as Kayla's sweatpants continued to fight it's battle....a battle it was sure to lose.

Jessica did not answer, nor could she. Her eyes were focused on Kayla's growing ass cheeks. So big, so juicy. She wanted to squeeze them, and lick them, and play with them and watch them jiggle. Jessica was getting horny; she couldn't contain herself anymore.

"I wanna touch you!" Jessica shouted.

"Why are you acting so strange, Jess?" Kayla asked, looking down every few seconds to see what changes her butt had made.

"I've got this secret....a secret I've always been afraid to tell you...."

Jessica walked up to Kayla and looked down into her eyes, "I love you...."

" me!?"

"Yes, so much. I didn't want to tell you at first. I thought about telling you in high school, but I knew you'd think I was weird. I've always thought you were cute, and I just love you so much."

Kayla wasn't sure what to say. She stood, her butt blowing up behind her inside her tightening sweatpants. Kayla opened her mouth, but instead of words coming out, a loud tearing sound shouted across the whole room. They both looked down, just in time to see Kayla's sweatpants rip along her thighs and down her leg. A moment later, the same thing happend to her other leg too, her thighs pumping up as well as her ass.

"What's with the butt candy?" Kayla asked rather cutely.

"I thought it was cute."

Kayla whimpered as her sweatpants ripped open across the back, a huge hole forming on the seat of her sweatpants. Jessica walked around and giggled, "Hehe, nice thong."

Kayla's cheeks turned red with embarassment. Jessica put her hand on Kayla's swelling ass, feeling it slowly grow within her hand, "You don't know how long I wanted to do that."

Kayla looked over her shoulder at Jessica. She was nervous, shy. She felt like she was in a foreign place. After all, she'd never seen Jessica like this; her best friend! And she was also beginning to wonder how big her butt would get. Eventually it would stop....right?

"H-h-how big is my butt going to get, anyways?" Kayla asked stuttering.

"Don't worry about it, the bigger the better!" Jessica responded.


Kayla's sweatpants were screaming, holes starting to form everywhere. Her huge butt cheeks poked out through the huge gap on the back of her sweatpants, and her thigh flesh pushed out through the holes forming on the sides of her sweatpants.

She felt like a blimp, slowly filling with air. Her ass had grown three feet wide, and was still growing to mass proportions. Her thighs were fattening, pressing into one another, growing bigger and bigger.

"Uggghhhh....the pressure!" Kayla moaned.

"Hehe, that's hot," Jessica smiled.

Kayla's sweatpants were nearing it's doom. Fabric was ripping, tearing, and screaming on Kayla's sweatpants. Her massive ass flesh was pouring out from the holes, ripping the holes even bigger. Her thong looked incredible to Jessica, who was staring at Kayla's expanding rump like a child looking into the window of a candy store, eyeing all the tasty and delicious treats on display.

Kayla widened her stance, opening her legs to try and getting a better balance. Her huge, monsterous ass stood out proudly in the air, swelling, growing, and ripping the stitchings that were left on her poor sweatpants.

"Hehe, those poor little sweatpants....they look awfully tight," Jessica said, reaching over to put her fingers into a hole on Kayla's sweatpants, then tug on it, watching the hole rip open even further, allowing more of Kayla's swelling rear to show itself.

Jessica took a step back and grinned as she watched Kayla's butt rip her sweatpants, the final stitchings giving way. Kayla's ass cheeks were held together only by an inch wide strip of her sweatpants that wrapped around both her globular butt cheeks. It continued to tighten, cutting deeper and deeper into Kayla's ass flesh as it hugged them tighter and tighter with every passing second.

Kayla bit her bottom lip and moaned, just as the last bit of fabric burst off, her huge butt cheeks jiggling and bouncing into the air freely. Jessica's eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

Kayla stood with only her thong on her lower half, and her socks around her little feet. Her butt had grown so big, that the bottom of her shirt was resting on top of her ass cheeks like a shelf.

"I've got to do something! I'm getting too big! I'm calling the ambulance!" Kayla started waddling over to the phone as fast as she could, her ass and thighs jiggling as she strode.

"Hehe, not so fast there, sweetie," Jessica ran over and playfully tackled Kayla on the floor, giggling as her lower half danced and jiggled upon impact with the floor.

Jessica lifted Kayla's shirt over her head, and Kayla looked over her shoulder at Jessica, who was sitting on top of Kayla's bubble butt.

"Hmmm, braless today, hmmm?" Jessica giggled.

"AHHH!! What are you doing!?" Kayla screamed.

"Oh, hehe, nothing," Jessica chuckled. "Now let's get those socks off your cute little feet."

Jessica leaned over and pulled Kayla's socks off before throwing them aside. Jessica looked down and slipped her finger under Kayla's thong, before she pulled it with her index finger, then letting go of it and watched as it snapped back against Kayla's four foot wide butt cheeks.

"Hehe, such a tight thong," Jessica said, pulling it up so that it pulled up tighter between Kayla's butt cheeks. "Must be causing you a bit of pain, hmmm?"

Kayla moaned, feeling Jessica's hands all over her butt cheeks, giving them a firm squeeze. Jessica smiled, then pulled Kayla's thong down her ass, then her legs, then around her lovely feet.

Jessica had to admit, Kayla looked amazing. She had a pretty bracelet on around her wrist, her hair was in a pony tail, and she had the biggest butt that she could ever imagine. Jessica had gotten what she'd always wanted.

"Mmmmmm....your ass is so soft and squishy...." Jessica giggled, squeezing Kayla's plump cheeks in her hands and feeling her warm butt flesh in between her fingers. The feeling was amazing, and Jessica could do this forever. Kayla moaned, feeling as Jessica touched, squeezed, and licked her butt cheeks softly with passion.

"Mmmmm.....we' to call," Kayla said in between moans.

"Nah, you know you like it," Jessica responded playfully.

It was true. Kayla did like it. All this attention focused on her ass. The feeling of soft, gentle hands playing and jiggling her cheeks was making her horny.

Jessica reached back and rubbed Kayla's smooth legs, before rubbing her feet for about a minute or two. Kayla wiggled her little toes cutely, causing Jessica to giggle. Kayla moaned with pleasure, and could feel Jessica crawl back up to her ass a few moments later.

Jessica wrapped her arms around Kayla's fattened rear, and hugged her ass cheeks, giggling as she brought them close. She pressed the side of her head into Kayla's butt cheek and hugged tighter, Kayla moaning loudly with pleasure.

Jessica continued to hug her ass before she quickly got up and helped turn Kayla on her backside. Kayla sat on her butt, sitting roughly three feet off the floor as her beach ball sized butt cheeks pressed into the cold floor, sending chills through her body. She crossed her legs, looking down at Jessica who was sitting in front of her.

Jessica sat on her knees in front of Kayla and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful. Her face was so sweet and also shown little grin. Jessica loved her so deeply, and she had always loved her.

"I love you, Kayla," Jessica said sofly, her eyes filled with the sight of pure love.

Kayla waited a moment, then smiled.

"I love you too."

Jessica stood up and Kayla wrapped her arms around her, giving her long awaited admirer a passionate kiss on the lips.

The End
Just a short little butt expansion story. I believe this is my first story just focused on the "backside", so I thought it'd be cool to write a story for it :)

Hopefully the story sounds alright. I wrote half of it yesterday, and the rest today. In a way, I think it's better to just write a story in one day so it's still fresh in your memory, and as most of you know, I don't exaclty have the best memory around, haha ;)

I wanted to post the story yesterday but it was getting late and I was starting to get tired. So I just saved it for today to finish it.

And while I was writing it, I felt like I had a dream about it before or something. Like as I finished typing a line, I looked up at the computer screen and had that feeling of déjà vu. It was kinda weird, lol, but oh well :)

And let me know what you thought about the comparison about the "Candy store" in the story :D. I thought it sounded cute. Plus, I thought it'd show the importance of the scene while putting an image in the readers head. So yeah :highfive:

Oh, and Jessica (in this story) is just a random character. Gotta love her personality, hmm? :)

So anyways, enjoy the story and let me know what you think! ^^ :tighthug::glomp::heart:
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Praxxus716 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're an amazing writer, great work! ^^
blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! I believe this story is my most favorited.
Praxxus716 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All those favourites were well-deserved, this was a really really great story!
blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
:blushes: :tighthug:
SuperFly25 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"As he read the final line, a single tear was shed in honor of the glorious beauty of this tale"

This perfectly sums up how I felt about this story! I loved the little details about Kayla's bootay although I did think it was a lil weird how they were both gay, but it's nothin' but a thang! If only that candy really existed :D
blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, glad you enjoyed it! I never thought that this would be one of my more popular stories, but it is! Crazy, huh?

And yeah ;p
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blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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Haha, I'll do my best :salute:
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DuskWrencher Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011
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DuskWrencher Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
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Soon to be made into a motion picture at a theatre near you !
blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, imagine that! ;p

I honestly have no idea how this is my #1 story (as of right now). I just don't understand how this one aside from all my other stories got as many views and faves! I don't mind that at all, by any means. I'm just curious as to how it all happened, lol.
dw817 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I think everyone is rather fond of -ahhm- butts. :D

I wrote a chapter in one of my novels that focused on that little interesting topic here:

Nintegaman Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011  Student Writer
I honestly believe you need to pull away from lesbianism. A LOT. It doesn't really add to the story, occasionally, it takes away from it. A little, like in Butt Inflation Revenge, is okay. But this is overboard.
blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Alrighty. Thanks for letting me know.
stmemmerson121 Featured By Owner May 30, 2011
That is the most f**ked up thing I think I've ever read... It was well written and I loved it, but the concept is just... bizarre...
blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
It all comes down to whether you're interested in this type of stuff or not. You might not be, but some people are.
stmemmerson121 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Oh, no, I wasn't bashing the concept! I have a really odd way of saying things. I said it was bizarre, but that doesn't mean bad at all! When I said f**ked up all I meant was that it was a really out-of-left-field idea, not that it was bad. Sorry if I sounded like I was being a prick. It is a great story, and I have no intention of insulting it.
blueberryjanelle Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, no problem. It happens :hug:

It is indeed a random concept, but like I said, there are tons of people who have an interest in it.

I'm guessing you're not really into this type of stuff?
stmemmerson121 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
Well, that's a difficult question. I'm not into it as far as searching out stories about it goes, but I still find it interesting to read.
But is it right to assume that because you write stories about it, you are into this kind of stuff?
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