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Expansion Curse: Part Two

"Hey, sweetie. How was the party?"

Susan sighed as she sat down on the couch, "Eh, it was alright."

"Ah, I see. So, wanna cuddle up on the couch with me? I'm a bit cold," Abby smiled at Susan.

Susan smiled back. Not too long ago, she decided to ask Abby out, and they had been dating for a little while now. They had been good friends before they started dating, so Susan figured that she might has well give it a try. All her guy friends weren't really "dating material" you could say. She liked them as friends, but nothing more. Being in a lesbian relationship didn't bother Susan, she rather enjoyed the feeling of something different. Plus, Abby was pretty cool and she was also nice, so Susan didn't see what was wrong with that.

"Haha, sure we can cuddle. But I'm going to go change into something more comfortable," Susan stood up and walked into the bedroom which was right around the corner.

Abby smiled as she waited for her girlfriend to return. And within a couple minutes, she did.

Susan walked out with a crimson red hoodie, and a pair of gray sweatpants that were a little baggy down her legs. Abby smiled as she looked down and saw that Susan was barefoot, but then looked back up to check out the rest of her body. Abby couldn't help but notice how Susan's butt stretched the seat of her sweatpants, which got her a bit excited. Her sweatpants looked so stretched out that she wondered how she could even wedge that ass of hers in them. But Abby didn't mind. Susan looked sexy.

"Hey, back. Is there anything good on tv?"

Abby flipped through the channels as Susan cuddled up close and rested her head on Abby's shoulder. Abby giggled.

"Hey, you know what? Who needs tv when you got love?" Abby looked at Susan.

Susan looked into Abby's eyes as a smile started to slowly grow on her face, "What are you implying?"

Abby turned the tv off and set the remote down on the table. She gave Susan a kiss, then stood up, tugging on Susan's arm in an attempt to get her on her feet, "C'mon! Let's go have some fun!"

"Really, Abby? I just got home from the party!"

"Yeah, so? LET'S GO!"

Abby held Susan's hand and led her to the bedroom. She closed the door behind her and turned around as Susan crawled on the bed. Abby couldn't help but let out a giggle as she watched Susan crawl onto the bed. She looked so cute in that hoodie of hers, and also her little feet hidden by the baggy legs of her sweatpants, though Abby could see the soles of Susan's feet clearly. Abby's eyes stared at Susan's butt as she crawled, those tight sweatpants of hers pulling and fitting around her sexy ass quite nicely.

Susan turned and sat up near the pillows, then grinned over at Abby as she waved her little feet towards her, "So, what'cha waitin' for?"

Abby giggled as she hopped onto the bed, then crawled up to Susan. Susan lay back and rested her head on the pillow as Abby crawled on top of her and started kissing her softly.

"Can't wait to play with that butt of yours," Abby chuckled.

"Oh, really? You can't handle my butt," Susan joked.

"Oh, I can't?" Abby smiled backed away and looked into Susan's eyes.

Susan giggled and replied before giving her a big kiss, "We'll just have to wait a see."

Unlike Susan's friends, Susan had an ass. A great ass. It wasn't "amazingly huge" but it wasn't small either. Susan's butt was probably a little bit bigger and rounder than average. While she didn't have beautiful D-cups like her friend Stacy, Susan could steal some attention with just a glance at her rear. Stacy was the type of girl who would do anything for attention. Though Susan was never like that, she could get some attention just because she had a better backside than Stacy.

Abby lifted her sweater off and let it fall to the floor on the side of the bed. She looked down at Susan as she reached down and unbuckled the button on her jeans, then pulled the zipper down slowly as she gave Susan a kinky look.

Abby lay back on Susan and kissed her as she reached down and pulled her jeans down her thighs. As she did, she reached up with her foot and pulled her jeans down, then did the same with her other foot. Abby then kicked her jeans off and they rested on the side of the bed while one of the leggings  dangled over the side, then when the weight of her jeans shifted over the edge, the dangling legging pulled the rest of her jeans downward onto the floor.

Abby was now wearing only her bra and thong, looking down into Susan's eyes.

"Heh, I see you've been waiting for me," Susan smiled, giving Abby a soft kiss.

"Mmmm, why do you say that?"

"Because, your wearing a black thong, and when your wearing black, you tend to feel kinky," Susan implied.

"Oh, really now? Is that a bad thing I like to wear black thongs when I'm in the mood?" Abby questioned.

"Haha, no, it's cute," Susan answered.

The two of them kissed softly. Both of them must have forgotten about how cold they were because of the love for each other, and how that seemed to warm them up greatly. Abby wrapped her arms around Susan as they kissed, and Susan reached back and squeezed Abby's butt cheeks in her hand. Susan gave her butt a slap, which made her smile.

"Hehe, soooo....your turn," Abby sat up and helped Susan out of her hoodie, then threw it to the side. Susan was also wearing a white shirt underneath her hoodie, and Abby smiled at how there was a red heart on the front of it.

Susan smiled then turned Abby over on the bed so that Susan now sat on top. She looked down into Abby's eyes as she smiled up at her.

"You want me to take my shirt off?" Susan grinned.

"Yes, please," Abby nodded.

Susan smiled down at her then lifted her shirt up over her head as she stuck out her chest for Abby to get a good look at it.

Susan's breasts were nice and snug inside her red bra; Abby couldn't help but stare. She put her hands on the sides of Susan's sexy waist, just before Susan tossed her shirt onto the floor.

Susan leaned down and kissed Abby on the lips, as she put her hands on the sides of her face. Susan's butt stuck up in the air a bit, so Abby instinctively reached back and slapped Susan's ass. Susan's butt jiggled a little, and Susan moaned softly.

Susan sat back up and took off her bra, teasing Abby greatly when she pulled her bra away from her breasts slowly. She smiled as she exposed her boobs fully to her, then tossed her bra over her head. Abby looked up at Susan who was naked from the waist up, and the only clothing she had on were the tight fitting sweatpants, and her panties.

Abby giggled, "Hehe, your butt looks big in those sweatpants!"

Susan smiled and took that as a compliment, "Well thanks, Abby. My butt is all yours to touch and play with."

"Yay!" Abby smiled and slapped Susan across the rear.

The two went back to kissing, but things were about to become different.

As they kissed, Abby looked up at the corner of her eye and saw that Susan's butt had gotten bigger? Could that be true? She looked at Susan who had her eyes closed as she kissed and moaned, then looked back over her shoulder and stared at her butt which seemed to be growing bigger by the second.

Abby wasn't sure if this was real or if she was just imagining it. Susan's regular butt size was something to drool over easily. But if Susan's butt somehow grew bigger? Abby giggled at the thought.

She slapped Susan's butt once more, and she could also notice the size of it now. She looked over Susan's shoulder and watched as her sweatpants seemed to stretch even tighter across her butt cheeks. Susan must not have noticed yet, while Abby on the other hand noticed almost instantly.

"How ya doin' there, big butt?" Abby giggled.

Susan chuckled and sat up a little, "Okay, I already know I got a nice ass. Do you gotta keep reminding me?"

"I don't have to, but I want to," Abby smiled.

"Haha, okay."

Susan leaned back down, but as she did, there was a loud tearing sound that echoed across the room.

"What the fuck was that?" Susan asked, looking around.

"Oh, hehe, I have an idea," Abby grinned.

Susan looked down at Abby, "Huh? It sounded like clothes ripping."

Susan reached back with her hand and her eyes widened as she felt a large hole on the seat of her sweatpants, her panties starting to poke through.

"You okay, Susan?" asked Abby.

"Uhh, yeah. I-I guess my sweatpants just ripped," Susan said hesitantly, still not comprehending what just happened.

"Hmmm, must be because of your huge butt!" Abby smiled.

"Haha, very funny! My butt isn't THAT big!" Susan leaned back down again to kiss Abby, but as she did, the hole ripped open even bigger.

"Okay, what the," Susan looked over her shoulder for the first time and was greeted by her ass, which was also a bit bigger than she had last seen it, "The hell is going on!?"

"I don't know! But your butt seems a little, oh, what's the word....BIGGER!?" Abby giggled and slapped Susan's butt once again, watching it jiggle a bit.

"Stop! Something's happening to me!" Susan screamed, glancing over her shoulder and watching as her sweatpants started hugging her butt cheeks tighter.

Susan sat up, and as she did, she could already tell that her butt had grown. Her sweatpants wrapped tightly around her backside, while the thighs of her sweatpants squeezed tightly around her legs. This feeling of being inside a tightening pair of sweatpants made her feel like she was slowly getting fatter, even though it was really her butt that was just growing bigger.

"Don't just sit there! Do something!" Susan hollered.

Abby giggled, "As you wish...."

Abby put her hands on Susan's butt and squeezed her juicy cheeks together, smiling down below. Susan's boobs bounced and jiggled as she hopped off the bed and looked in the mirror to get a better look at her butt. As she looked in the mirror, she gasped.


A few of the stitching's on Susan's sweatpants started popping off one by one. Her growing flesh poked out through the little holes that the seams had left, and threatened to rip off more seams as time rolled on.

Susan looked back over at Abby who lay on the bed and smiled at Susan. Abby adored Susan's cuteness through this situation. She wasn't sure why, or even how this was happening to Susan, but she didn't seem to care. Susan's ass was truly amazing at first, but now that it was growing bigger, it would make it that much better.

Abby stared and watched as Susan's sweatpants strained against her widening hips and thighs, and not to mention that big balloon that was in the back – which was her ass.

Susan widened her little feet, hearing the seams burst off easily without contest. She was scared. Why the hell was her ass growing, anyways!? Was it something at that damn party she went to? Or maybe someone played a trick on her!? Damn! How could she be so stupid to let someone play a trick on her at the party! She must have revenge!

Susan mumbled to herself as she tried to figure out who may have done this to her. Her lovely ass was now ballooning behind her, ripping her sweatpants slowly. Her once beautifully shaped butt, now growing into something unimaginable. She had to admit though, this was a pretty good trick.

As her hips flared out and widened, Susan held out her arms for balance and placed her feet appropriately on the cold floor to hold her up. Abby smiled and crawled up to the end of the bed, resting her head on her arm as she watched Susan's butt blow up like a balloon.

"Hehe, I should think of a nickname for you, now," Abby said.

"What!? No!"

"Yes! How about....Balloon Butt? Haha, that sounds sexy," Abby winked.

"My butt isn't a balloon!" Susan shot back.

"Oh, it isn't? Hmmmm, think again there, Susan," Abby giggled.



The leggings of Susan's sweatpants ripped down the sides of her thighs, and extended down her leg until it reached her feet. Her swelling flesh pushed the  ripped material apart further, more and more flesh starting to become visible.

Susan winced up at Abby while her huge butt cheeks pressed tightly into the waistband of her sweatpants as they swelled in the back of them. Since her butt was getting too big, it started pressing her sweatpants downward, which allowed for her butt cleavage to become more visible to Abby. Abby thought it was adorable.

"Hehe, you're so cute....blowing up in those tight little sweatpants of yours. Such a turn on!" grinned Abby, who rested her chin on her hands as she lifted her legs up behind her.  

Susan thought to herself. Why was she the only one freaking out about this!? Was it because Abby seemed to be enjoy seeing her in this predicament? Possibly. But then again, what would Abby have to be worried about? Her butt isn't the one swelling up. Susan sighed and widened her feet, another hole ripping along the back.

"Hmmmm, interesting. I think it's cute watching your ass grow like that, so SEXY! Plus, it's kind of a turn on, like just watching those sweatpants become even smaller and to watch them rip open and show me those sexy panties of yours," Abby couldn't help but giggle as she watched.

Susan glared over at Abby who was smiling and giggling on the bed as she watched, "Well I'm glad you're enjoying this."

"Oh, believe me, I am, hehe," Abby replied.

Susan closed her eyes and clenched her hands into fists. The pain was too much to handle. Her huge butt swelling tightly against her sweatpants, and feeling them wrap even tighter around each of her cheeks. She didn't know how much longer she could handle this.

Abby proceeded to stare at Susan's growing butt (who could even resist NOT to look?) Her sweatpants seemed to be having pain of their own. I mean, trying to hold in those massive thighs and that huge, juicy ass Susan now had, that probably wasn't an easy job. And by the looks of her ripping sweatpants, she noticed.

Susan moaned softly, which caught Abby's attention instantly. Abby looked up at Susan who had her eyes closed, and was breathing rather heavily. Her moans enchanted the whole room, bringing back that sexual vibe that it once had before Susan's butt began growing.

"Uggghhhh!! Too much pressure!" Susan groaned.

Once letting out those words, Susan's sweatpants had finally given up. Her bubble butt jiggled inside her panties as the remains of her sweatpants fell to the floor around her feet.

Both Susan and Abby stared at Susan's ass. Since her sweatpants was now gone, you could really notice the tremendous size that Susan's ass had already grown to. Susan's red panties wrapped tightly around her butt cheeks, starting to dig into them as her butt continued to swell up.

Susan glanced over her shoulder and couldn't believe how big her butt now was. She whimpered as she widened her legs a bit further apart and held out her hands. As she did so, her cheeks giggled behind her.

"Wow, just look at that ass. So big and round! SEXY!" Abby reached out and slapped Susan across the rear with a giggle. Susan looked back and watched her butt jiggle inside her panties.

But at that second, it all came to Susan. She was surprised she didn't think of this before. This had nothing to do with the party, it was that old lady!

"Abby! I know why this is happening!"

"Haha, why, bubble butt?" Abby teased and slapped her ass once again just to watch it jiggle.

"It's because of that old lady!"

"What old lady?"

"Well on the way back from the party Stacy, Carly, and I stopped and went inside this old lady's house. It was the "Haunted House" that everyone talks about," Susan said.

Abby gasped. She instantly knew what house she was talking about.

"And so Stacy said that the old lady was a witch or something....least I think she said that. I don't know! But what I do know is that is why my ass is getting huge!"

Susan looked back over her shoulder to see what progress her butt had made since she last checked. But as she looked, she couldn't help but stare at it with awe. Just the look of her huge ass cheeks swelling tightly inside those little panties of hers made her feel a bit horny. She wasn't sure why though. She moaned as she felt them squeezing her butt cheeks, almost as if they were shrinking. But compared to her swelling backside, her panties WERE shrinking.

" you're the only one who is growing a huge ass? Or are your friends gonna swell up big too?" Abby asked with a smile growing on her face.

"I don't know! I hope their okay! Hey, wait a wanna see them grow huge asses like me, don't you!?"

Abby giggled and rolled her eyes, "Hehe, maybe."

Susan was about to say something, but heard a soft tearing sound. She sighed, then turned her head the best she could. She could barley see it, but there it was, a hole forming across the back of her panties. Her butt must not have been content enough with just bursting out of her sweatpants?

Abby rolled over and got off the bed, then walked up to Susan while her massive rear swelled out behind her. Her eyes focused on her bubble butt, and how it pushed against her panties with strain. She smiled as Susan's panties were being forced downward, exposing more of her magnificent butt cleavage.

Abby kissed Susan on the lips, then reached around and rested her hands on each of her butt cheeks. Susan moaned softly as she felt Abby squeeze her cheeks firmly within her hands.

Then suddenly....


Susan's eyes widened and her cheeks turned red, while Abby looked over her shoulder and watched as Susan's butt cheeks jiggled freely as her panties snapped off. Susan was now naked, and Abby couldn't resist touching her body.

Abby squeezed Susan's bubble butt in her hands, but this time it was more enjoyable since there was no clothing covering it, just Abby's hands meeting the juicy flesh of Susan's bare ass cheeks.

Abby kissed Susan's lips, and as she did, she couldn't help but notice that Susan's thighs had also plumped up in size too. They weren't huge, but they were a bit more fuller than they used to be. But it didn't bother Abby at all. Abby found this rather hot. Just to have a girlfriend who had a killer body, some-what thick thighs, and a huge bubble butt, was a dream for her. It wasn't like she didn't love Susan before all this started happening, because she loved her very much. But now, it was almost like a "plus" since her butt had begun swelling. Abby still loved Susan the same as before, and now, playing with Susan's ass could be even more fun.

"Ughhhhhh, my butt is getting' too big! MMMMMM!!"

Susan groaned as she widened her stance a little, her butt cheeks jiggling in front of Abby's eyes.

"God, when is this gonna stop!?" Susan pleaded.

"No, don't say that! Keep growing, bigger and bigger!" Abby urged, almost as if she was trying to persuade Susan's ass to listen and grow bigger just for her pleasure.

Abby walked around and admired Susan's huge, juicy ass. Susan moaned softly and closed her eyes as she reached back with her hands and placed them on her massive cheeks, then squeezed them together with all her might. Susan's hands sunk deeply into her ass flesh as she pushed them together in hope that they would stop growing. But it didn't seem to work.  

Watching from behind, Abby's jaw dropped as she watched Susan squeeze her butt cheeks together. The sight was so hot. Just looking at her little hands trying to squeeze her monster-sized cheeks together made Abby horny. But almost instantly Susan gave up, and brought her hands away, and as she did, her butt cheeks jiggled in front of Abby.

Since Susan's butt had grown so big in size, with each cheek swelling close to three feet wide, she had to gather support for her growing mass. Susan felt like she was gaining an incredible amount of weight. And since her butt was huge, she felt as though she might fall backwards onto it. She carefully held out her hands and leaned over, resting her elbows onto the edge of the bed, while her ass lifted up into the air and jiggled a bit. Now if a male was in the room, Susan would be in for one heck of a treat while being in that position.

Abby practically drooled while she stared Susan's butt. Her ass jiggled a bit in front of her eyes, and Susan's juicy butt presented itself quite nicely in front of her. Just the sight of Susan bending over in front of her made her want to scream out with ecstasy. Abby also noticed Susan's pussy just barley seen between her two massive round orbs which was her ass. Abby was horny.

She walked up to Susan, glancing down at Susan's cute little feet and sexy legs, while redirecting her attention to her inflated rear. She placed her hands on Susan's huge ass, while Susan looked over her shoulder at her. Abby rested her head down on her butt, and squeezed her cheeks softly which caused Susan to let out a moan.

Abby kissed Susan's butt, then wrapped her arms around it as though she were giving it a hug. Both of them moaned softly, especially Susan who felt Abby's arms wrap and hug her butt gently. Susan smiled.

"I love you so much," Abby said.

"I love you too," Susan replied with a little moan.

But as Susan stood there, and while Abby played with her butt cheeks, Susan couldn't help but wonder if anything happened to her friends. Stacy said something about whoever went into that old woman's house would be cursed, so was this her curse? And if so, what would happen to Stacy and Carly?

She wondered if maybe the same thing was happening to them the same time as it was for her. Or unless it happened one at a time. But Susan began to feel a little worried. She hoped Stacy and Carly were okay, but she probably wouldn't hear from them for a bit.

She glanced over her shoulder at Abby who was kissing and squeezing her ass with much enjoyment, but then began to wonder if it was worth going into the woman's house. I mean, she didn't intend to. It was all Stacy's fault! But....Susan followed her instead of listening to Carly.

But as Carly crossed her mind, she felt really sad and scared for her. Carly didn't mean no harm, and she even tried to stop them from going into the house in the first place! Why did she even let Stacy talk her into that, anyways? But poor Carly. She didn't do anything wrong. She was just minding her own business and tried to keep out of trouble. And since she probably felt pressured into joining her and Stacy, she may have also been cursed.

Susan felt horrible. She didn't really care if Stacy was going through the same thing, because Stacy deserved it just as much as she did, if not even more. But Carly didn't deserve to be cursed; Susan wished she just had listened to Carly in the first place. Plus, Susan liked Carly much more than Stacy, just because Stacy could sometimes be a bitch. Stacy also liked to try and attract attention in any way possible, while Carly on the other hand didn't. Carly didn't care if every guy she walked past looked or stared at her like Stacy did. Carly was more caring than Stacy ever was, and Susan liked her for that.

Susan sighed. She hoped Carly didn't get cursed, but it was hard to tell if she had been or not. If so, she just hoped Carly was okay.

To Be Continued....
Here's part two! :)

How does everyone like the story so far? I wrote part one not too long ago which was about Stacy. This part was about Susan :)

Probably one of my favorite lines in the story was when Susan "Enchanted" the room. I thought that was interesting ;p

I'll write part three sometime soon, and that will be the last part to the whole story. I already know what I plan on having in part three, so that shouldn't be too difficult to write. Carly would have to be my favorite of the three characters. She's based off my OC, Clara :) :hug:

Also, gotta love all that foreshadowing in part one, lol! ;p

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the story! Let me know what you think! Part three coming soon! ^^ :hug::highfive::glomp:

Here's Part One: [link]
Here's Part Three: [link]
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Abby was funny :lol: Course, if I were in her position, I don't think I'd have been any different!

Part three is coming up with my favorite character! I can't wait! :excited: :la:
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