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September 6, 2009
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Chocolate Filling

“Olivia, didn’t I tell you to put the cupcakes over on the counter?”

“Oh, sorry…”

“Yeah….and don’t sneak any….”

Jenny walked out of the kitchen, leaving Olivia staring at all the delightful deserts.

“How am I supposed to NOT sneak any?” Olivia said to herself looking around.

Olivia walked over and did what Jenny had told her to do. She sighed as she looked at the cupcakes.

“Hmm…well…one wouldn’t hurt….right?”

Olivia grabbed one and started eating it.


She grabbed two more cupcakes and ate them in a heartbeat. She moaned as she savored the flavor, the chocolate and sprinkles running along her taste buds.

“All these deserts are for a party of only twenty people? There’s bound to be leftovers anyway….”

Olivia ate a few more cupcakes, then patted her slightly plump belly. She looked down and looked at it, “Wow, never knew that cupcakes could do that…”

She looked around and figured that she had to get back to work helping her friend. She picked up a box of doughnuts and set them on the table. She thought for a moment, then instantly opened the top, peaking down inside. Her eyes sparkled and a smile grew on her face as she saw many different kinds of doughnuts. Jelly filled, chocolate filled, cream filled, doughnuts with chocolate and sprinkles, the list went on and on.

She took out a few without thinking and ate them, her belly slowly poking itself out from underneath her shirt. She looked around the kitchen at all the deserts.

“Holy fuck, I’m in heaven!”

She grabbed a few more handfuls of doughnuts and ate them within a span of a couple of minutes. Now, her belly had noticeably grown. It rolled out over the waistband of her shorts. Olivia looked over at the cakes on the other side of the kitchen, running over to them. She dug her hand into the cake and stuffed it into her mouth.


She looked like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. She was going all over the place, eating, and stuffing herself with fattening deserts….much that she wasn’t aware of.

She dug both her hands into the cake, and stuffed it into her mouth, tasting all the different flavors that hit her taste buds. Within a matter of minutes, the cake was all gone. Her hands were all chocolaty. There was another cake that caught her attention, a smile growing on her face. She dug into it, instantly her fingers felt cold.


She ate the cake like an animal. Chocolate frosting was flying everywhere, her whole body and clothes being covered with chocolate smudges and ice cream. Her belly now was well over her waistband of her shorts, but now her thighs and ass seemed a little different.

“Why are my shorts tight?” she asked herself,

“Nahhh…must be my imagination…”

She continued to eat more and more, without even thinking of what was happening to her body. As she stuffed her body with fattening deserts, her ass and thighs were sorely stretching her shorts.

She dropped a chocolate drink (that was very high in fat) and bent down to pick it up off the floor.


Her cheeks turned red as she reached around to her ass and was greeted by a huge hole that a tore her shorts wide open, exposing her pink panties.

“Oooo, hehe, my butt got pretty big!” she giggled as she gave it a slap. She took off her shirt since it was getting tight then threw it over her head. Her shirt landed on Jenny’s head.


Olivia turned around and saw Jenny standing there with her hands on her hips.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t get mad at me!” Olivia pleaded.

“Oh, after eating all my deserts for my party!?” Jenny started walking closer, an angry look on her face.

Olivia started backing up until she backed into the wall.

“Please don’t hurt me!”

“Just stop complaining. I’m not going to hurt you. Now close your eyes.” Jenny ordered.

Olivia was a little hesitant about shutting her eyes, but did anyway. She felt Jenny grab her arms and tie something around them. By the time she opened her eyes to see what was going on, it was too late.

“Okay, now since you like eating so much, this should be heaven for you…”

Jenny walked around to the closet and pulled out an incredibly huge machine. Olivia watched as she grabbed a huge hose that was attached to the machine as she pulled it out from the closet. There was a large container on top that looked like it contained something, but Olivia didn’t know what it contained. Jenny walked over with the hose in her hand.

“Open up, Olivia.”

“What? No!-“

Jenny then shoved the hose into Olivia’s mouth and quickly turned on the valve.

“This machine is filled with delicious chocolate, and since you loved it so much,” Jenny looked around at all the chocolate cake crumbs, and frosting on the floor, “Then you will love this…”

Olivia’s eyes widened as chocolate ran down her throat at an alarming rate. Her breasts started pumping up with chocolate, straining her pink bra. Her butt started blowing up like a water balloon filling with liquid, but instead of water it was chocolate. Her panties stretched to accommodate her ballooning rear.

“Hmmm…wonder how big you’ll get?” Jenny asked, watching as Olivia slowly swelled up.

Her bra and panties were stretching tightly around her body. Her belly blew up in front of her as well as her boobs. Inside her head she just wished that her bra and panties would just burst off soon, she couldn’t take anymore of the pressure.

Then, as if an answer to a prayer, her panties snapped off her bloated lower half, and flew across the room. Jenny looked at her body with a little smirk.

“Wow, you really let yourself go, Olivia…”

Olivia was embarrassed, and she was really full….the pressure was hurting her. Tears started to roll down Olivia’s plump cheeks.

“Awww…don’t cry, Olivia.” Jenny said.


Olivia’s bra snapped off, letting her massive tits bounce and jiggle freely.

“Wow…okay uhhh…yeah, you look fat enough now…”

Jenny turned off the machine and pulled the hose out from Olivia’s mouth. Olivia looked down at herself.

“I’m fat!” she screamed.

“Ha, yeah, I noticed.” Jenny replied.

Olivia couldn’t believe it. Her breasts were actually resting on top of her fat; round belly….she never saw that before since she was always thin. Jenny walked around and untied her hands. Olivia rubbed her huge belly amazed.

“I’m….sorry for eating everything..” Olivia said.

“Oh, it’s alright. I can just schedule the party for next week.”

Olivia sniffed a few times as tears rolled down her cheek.

“I’m fat now.” She said sadly.

“So? There’s nothing wrong with that.” Jenny said.

Jenny leaned in, giving her a kiss as she put her hands on Olivia’s boobs and gave them a squeeze.

“Hmmm…you know….there’s some more chocolate left in the machine…”

Jenny walked over and grabbed the hose. Olivia’s eyes widened as Jenny put the hose into her mouth, turned the valve, then shot her a wink….

The End

The Blueberry Goddess,
Okay, just a little story I decided to write. Haven't written about Olivia or Jenny in a while so I thought I'd write a story about them.

Hope ya like it, let me know what ya think! ^^ :hug::)
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I don't know about a sequel.
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Sort of forced fattening as a form of 'just desserts' (pun intentional). I like, especially the open(?) ending. I mean, we don't KNOW! But I've got a lively, and often unkind, imagination.
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