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Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought about writing a Halloween story. Of course, this would mean that I'd have to wait before I could finish part two to the series. I suppose there's a few options I could go with, so I'll have to think about that a little more.

As far as part two I'm working on, I've gotten a pretty good start on it. I don't remember the actual size of the file, but I may have written about a third of what part one was. So that's nearing completion. And I may have mentioned a couple of journals ago about waiting until part two was completed before taking a little break to write up a random story. I may just write the Halloween story instead, but I'm not sure if I'd have the time to write it before Halloween. We'll see.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)
In between writing parts to stories, I like to write mini stories. They're usually quick to write, and very fun to read. I've already started on part two to Kingdom Of Salador, so I'll probably finish that up as soon as I can and then write up a mini story following that in between part two and three. It's just an idea to consider.

Guess what? Did you guys know Weezer is back? They released a new album a few days ago. It's called Everything Will Be Alright In The End.

"Back To The Shack"   - catchy with a cool music vid!
It's been a few days since part one of Kingdom Of Salador was posted and I've gotten what I expected from it. I believe it's pretty much straight forward but I just wanted to clarify a couple of things moving forward.

If you've read part one you can tell that it takes a LONG time ago. I want to say "medieval-ish" for the time period. Since I wasn't around back then, I'm trying to keep it simple and stay within the means (like there obviously weren't cell phones back then like there is today). So that's one example.

If you know who my OC's are then I believe it'd make this little series even better to read, just because you'd know how they act and know a bit about them. You don't really have to know them, but I've already made a bunch of comments in the story about how we all know each other and such. Basically speaking, it's just different, and if you knew my OC's and how they act it'd add another aspect to the story which I am aiming for.

I know part one didn't have as much expansion as you guys are probably used to. For part one I was more focused on introducing the story and characters that would set up the story. But there will be more expansion I can assure you of that. So not to worry! :D

Lastly, I just wanted to say that this series will just be "different" than what you'd probably expect. Usually it's someone does something, then they expand in some way. This series will have much more of a storyline to follow along with the expansions, and since it's also in a completely different time period, it just adds a whole new dynamic.

I'll begin writing part two within a few days so hopefully I can finish that as soon as I can and get that posted. As I've mentioned before, I'm very confident that it'll go to three parts.
You may have noticed by now, but part one has officially been posted! As I mentioned in the artist comments, the idea came in a dream after watching "Back To The Future". I thought it was very amusing and although I didn't want to get into another series, I couldn't resist. Thinking about it now, I believe this will go to three parts. Actually, it will. I can't jumble everything up in only one more part. So three it is.

I'll let you guys read it without giving away any spoilers, but I'm really excited for this story. I love the interaction with my OC's so far and the whole concept of being somewhere "new" is very interesting. Plus, I have to find a way to get out. The time travel/dimension travel idea sounded cool, so I went with it. Not everything may add up to the time frame it takes place in, but I'm doing my best to be as close as I can with that. I thought about making the speech the same as it was back then, but I'm not very familiar with it and I thought it'd be confusing to write/read with that different vocabulary. So to keep it easy on everyone (me included) it's in modern English (not the band reference, haha). There will also be more expansion (obviously). Part one was more of an introduction to what you should expect to see, but I'll get to that later.

I mentioned this also, but for those that have been watchers of mine for years, you may remember the name "Salador" from an older series of mine (I deleted it a while ago, though). The town that took place in was called Salador, so I used that name again because I like the sound of it and it's like a little tribute to it. And yes, if I remember, I came up with the name while eating salad. Yes. Salad+or = Salador :lol:

I like the idea of a character not being in control of what's around them. So for me in the story, I have to live in this strange world and do whatever I can to get back home, or should I say....get "back to the future"? ;p
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(Contains: nudity)
Kingdom Of Salador
Part One: A New World

“You sure this will work?” Kylie asked.

“Yes. I've ran multiple tests these past few days,” Katrina replied.

“Are you sure nothing bad will happen once we get inside? I mean, come on, we've heard about time machines our whole lives. Nobody is crazy, or smart enough, to actually make it work....right?”

“Until now,” Katrina smiled.

Yet again, Katrina had another crazy experiment she wanted to try, and since we were her friends, she replied on us to test them out. I remember that one time where Katrina made robotic legs that made Kylie jump higher than 300 feet into the air. Kylie had too much fun with that and jumped around the neighborhood. It took us three hours to get her to stop. Oh, I also couldn't forget the time she made Clara fly. I don't know what she did but Clara lifted into the air and held out her arms. Before she knew it, she was flying. I had seen so much of Katrina's work by now that if she said she had made a time machine, I'd believe her.

“All right, I made two shuttles. Janelle, you get in the one on the right, the rest of us will get in the other.”

“What, why am I the one that has to be alone? Nobody else can come with me?”

“Janelle, listen,” Katrina sighed. “I trust you. However, I don't trust Sabrina, Kylie....ESPECIALLY Kylie, Clara, Brad, or Pandora. Well I do trust Pandora but I'm not sure if I could with importance as great as this. I need to be certain. I can keep an eye on everyone to make sure they don't screw around and push buttons and all that crap. I already set it for you. All you have to do is push the big red button next to the destination marker and you'll be set. See you there!”

As they stepped into the shuttle Katrina gave me a nod and closed the door before I could say anything. I sighed and climbed in by myself, closing the door behind me. These shuttles weren't very big. They were pretty much like mini rocket ships or something you'd see in science fiction. As I looked around there were no seats, but quite a bit of buttons on the walls. I suppose I could see why Katrina wouldn't trust them with so many buttons.

I did what Katrina told me to do. I sighed heavily and pushed the button that would take me back in time. I heard a loud noise that sounded like jet planes traveling across the sky. At first I didn't feel anything but I could feel my body shifting side to side so I widened my stance and leaned against the wall. Within seconds the noise was gone and the floor stopped shaking. I waited about a minute before I opened the door and slowly looked around. I was expecting the others to jump out and scare me but nothing happened. With the door fully opened I stepped out.

There were trees as far as the eye could see. I figured I was in a forest, but there weren't any parks or even any camping sites close to where I lived. The closest one was probably an hour drive away, at best.

As I looked around I became skeptical. Katrina must've sent me across the county as some sick joke, or perhaps everyone was hiding behind a tree waiting to scare me. I wasn't going to fall for that, though.

“Okay, guys. This isn't funny,” I looked around. “You can come out now. The joke's over.”

Nothing. No voices, not even a single chirp from a bird. The only sound I could hear were the leaves rustling in the wind. I looked up to see the clouds completely fill the sky above me. I could feel the wind brushing against my skin, which made me shiver. Although autumn was drawing near, I was surprised at the temperature. I brought my arms in close and rubbed them to generate some heat. I looked in each direction before deciding to walk to my left. There should be a campsite somewhere nearby. I figured I'd walk until I saw someone, or if someone saw me. If I told them that I was lost I'm sure they'd let me borrow a cell phone.

I walked for fifteen minutes but saw nobody. After thirty minutes of walking I was almost certain I needed to change direction. Maybe I was walking deeper into the forest? Who knows what was waiting for me. Bears? Rapists?

I stopped and observed the area. I looked straight ahead and saw nothing but trees (well, that was my view in all directions) but perhaps a change might get me out of here. Before I could decide which way to go I heard a loud cracking sound behind me and I bolted to my right. I ran as fast as I could, ducking my head under branches and maneuvering around trees. It felt like one of those horror movies where someone was being chased. I didn't look back.

I kept running as fast as I possibly could until I fell to the ground. Sitting on my knees, I looked up and could see that I was now in an open field. I stood up and looked at the treeline behind me, and glanced over to my left where I saw a man staring at me.


“Hello,” he replied. “You seem lost.”

I didn't want to admit it but I sighed, “Yeah. I am....”

“Ah. Seems you were running from something, too.”

“Yes. Something was following me.”

“Was it? Or was it your imagination playing tricks on you?” he gathered some tomatoes. “The woods tend to do that to people.”

He started walking in the other direction. He turned to see if I was following him and once he saw that I wasn't he waved me over. Figuring I had no idea how to get out of here, I decided to follow.

“My name is Daniel. What's yours?”


“Oh, that's a nice name,” he smiled. “Never heard that one before.”

“Thanks. So....just getting some tomatoes?”

“Yes. I own a store in the city, as well as this little bit of land. I either sell vegetables I grow or I eat them myself.”

“City? Oh, so we must be outside of New York City then....”

“Excuse me?”

“You know, the city that never sleeps?”

“'re in Salador.”


“Yeah, it's grown quite a bit in the last ten years. We now have a population of 80,000. Our trade market is the biggest within two-hundred miles!”

As we walked I tried thinking if I've heard the name 'Salador' before. I don't remember seeing it on any maps, or hearing about it in the news before. Perhaps Katrina sent me to somewhere in....Pennsylvania?

We walked over a small bridge and came to the back of a large barn. Walking around to the front, I saw many other small buildings and a few houses....but they didn't look as modern as I was used to seeing.

“Here we are, welcome,” he unlocked the door and walked inside. “If you need anything just let me know! I'll be putting these tomatoes away.”

I nodded and looked around. Instead of lights, there were lanterns perched up on the support beams of the barn, and a few on the walls. A lightswitch or two would've been easier but perhaps they didn't get electricity out here? Yeah, that's gotta be it. We're probably too far from the main road or highway.

As I looked around I saw vegetables in bins, robes, knives, a few swords, pitchforks, shovels, lanterns, and boots to name a few things. What really got my attention was the swords. They looked really cool. I never had the opportunity to see an actual sword in person before.

“Need anything?”

I turned around, “Huh? Oh, you have any energy bars or anything like that? I just need a little snack.”

“'s a tomato?”

“No, energy bar. Do you have any?”

“, ma'am.”

“Okay, no worries. Could you point me towards the nearest gas station? They'd have some snacks there.”

“Whaaaaaaaaaat? The hell is a gas station?”

I tilted my head a little, “Wow. You must be waaaaaay out here, then. Oh, well. I'll just hike up to the main road, wherever that is.”

“Excuse me, I never got to ask, but what is it that you're wearing? I've never seen anything like it before.”

“Oh, this? It's just a regular t-shirt and some jeans. Nothing too fancy, haha.”

“Oh....okay. Do you have any money? I could sell you a robe.”

I checked my pockets, “No. I don't have any. Not that I'm against wearing a robe, but why would I need one?”

“Because everyone wears robes. It's just the way it is,” he replied. “If you walk around like that you'll draw attention to yourself. I don't want to feel guilty knowing you got hurt because I didn't offer you a robe to wear.”

“Well, it's fine. Maybe I'll come back and get a robe when I get some money, whenever that may be.”

“Hmmmm, tell you what. I'll give you a robe if you can run this case of vegetables to a friend of mine. His name is David. He's a little more into the city. My legs are hurting and for someone my age to walk that far and back, I don't know if I'd make it.”

“Well, you don't need to give me a robe, sir. I'll just do it for you.”

He walked over and grabbed a gray robe, “Trust me, you're going to want this.”

“Okay. Well....thanks. Where can I find your friend?” I put the robe on while I listened.

“He owns a weaponry store. Just follow the path and you'll notice it. He's a good friend of mine, known him for years. He should know they're from me but just mention my name anyways.”

“Okay. Thanks for the robe. Maybe I'll see you again sometime?” I picked up the small crate.

“No, thank you, ma'am. A man my age doesn't get around as easily as I used to. You're a big help.”

I smiled and gave him a nod before walking out the door. The robe was actually quite comfortable. It was soft, seemed like quality fabric, and it was the perfect length. Once I find Katrina I'm sure I'd have a laugh about this. Plus, I'd have this robe as a little souvenir! I couldn't help but laugh to myself.

As I walked down the pathway I looked at the buildings and houses I passed. They were much different than I was used to seeing. I saw horses and carriages strolling around, with a few riding past me as I walked. Thankfully this crate wasn't very heavy, considering I wasn't sure how much further I had to walk.

The path started to open up and become wider, and I began to see more stores side-by-side and even more houses. I saw more people and they seemed to be keeping busy doing whatever they needed to do. For the most part they seemed friendly, and everyone looked to be minding their own business.

I started seeing more and more people and the pathway started to get crowded. It became so crowded that people bumped into me, and I thought that somebody might bump the crate out from my hands. Buildings and houses got taller and bigger, and my only conclusion was that I was entering the city of Salador (wherever that was).

The pathway was at least three times wider than it was to start with, yet was still crowded. There was just WAY too many people. Perhaps this was why Daniel didn't want to deliver the crate himself, though I couldn’t blame him. I came to a four-way intersection, and when I looked off to my right, I saw a building with a few swords and axes hanging up on the front of it. I walked over and pushed open the door with my shoulder.

“Hello? Anyone here? David?”

A man popped his head out from the back room, “Yes, I'm David.”

“I have a crate from Daniel. He said to deliver it to you,” I lifted the crate up and set it on top of the counter.

“Thank you! Did he give you any coins for doing this?”

“He gave me this robe. But I don't need anything....”

“Oh, I insist! Here, here's five coins.”

“Oh, well, thanks.”

I waved goodbye and walked out of the store. Gold coins, huh? Interesting. What would I use them for? It's not like I have any use for them. I looked around and sighed. Finding Katrina was going to be so much harder than I had thought. There were just so many people, and who knows how many square feet this city is? It might take me all day just to walk around it completely. Maybe more.

But as if it were on cue, I received a sign. A woman stopped in her tracks and clutched her stomach. I hurried over to her and put my hand on her shoulder, “Are you okay? What's wrong?”

When she pulled her hands away her stomach was bigger. Her robe started to wrap around her growing stomach and I wasn't sure what to do. While her belly rounded out her breasts also began to plump up, and I stood in awe. I took a few steps back, watching as the woman slowly rounded out. Her hips widened while her thighs and backside also looked to be expanding.

Her robe pulled across her body and seemed to stretch along with her growing frame, but I heard a loud tearing sound come from behind her. It had ripped across her back just as her hands were forced out by her sides. She stood there while her body swelled, and people started catching on to what was happening. Some just kept on walking, while others stopped to look. I noticed some people look at her, then just shrug, which made me question if this type of thing was common around here? What was happening to her, anyways?

As her breasts grew her cleavage became more visible. Her robe slowly opened up around her chest, while also pulling upwards along her widening hips. She looked around with fear as her breasts slowly rose from underneath, and I was sort of expecting to see a few cell phones in the crowd of people taking pictures or videos. But to my surprise, I saw none.

I turned to a woman standing next to me, “Do you know what's happening? Can we help her? How do we stop this?”

“You can't,” she replied. “I see this happen every few days. One of those witches is causing this.”

“Witches!? Which one? Do you know where they are?”

“No. But I'm sure one of them is nearby.”

Without hesitation I looked around the area. I figured it would make sense for Katrina to watch her crafty work. It was difficult to spot her with all the robes, though. I never had trouble spotting her or Clara in a crowd of people before until now.

I turned in every direction before seeing a figure with a black robe. I couldn't see much because there were so many people, but I did my best to push through them walking by and make my way to her. I needed to get to her. She was the only way I'd get back home!

I couldn't see her face, but her orange hair was like a trademark for her (well, both her and Clara). As I got closer I could see her turn around and start walking in the other direction. Pushing through the crowd of people I thought I was only a few feet behind her, but once there was an opening, there was no sign of her. I stood still and looked around. It was like she had disappeared.

Perhaps David knew where they lived? If he didn't then I'm sure Daniel knew. I walked back to see David in his store.

I sighed. Maybe Clara could help? I had my doubts, though. I loved her as much as the rest of us did, but Katrina was really the mastermind when it came to stuff like this. To get out of this place, she was the person I needed to find.

I opened the door and walked inside. David smiled and waved to me, “Back already, eh?”

I walked up to the counter, “Hello again. Listen, do you know where the witches live? You know, Clara and Katrina?”

“The witches?”

“Yes,” I grabbed the coins and set them on the counter. “Here. Here are the coins you gave me. I don't need them. Take them. I just need to know where they are. I need to see them.”

He pushed the coins back to me, “That's okay. I'm just surprised, not many people ask to see them. Well, they do for Clara, but not Katrina. Katrina seems rather mean.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

“Clara is quite cute, too,” he grinned. “As a matter of fact, she should be down at the bakery as we speak.”

“Bakery? Where's that? What if she's not there? Do you know where they live?”

“Right down the path. She might even be outside, so you should see her. If she's not there, I believe they live in a house somewhere downtown. There may be some pink flowers out front of it, but I'm not sure.”

“Okay, thank you!” I hesitantly picked up the coins and headed off. I walked down the path in search for Clara. If I couldn't find Katrina, then Clara was the next best thing because she'd lead me right to her! I smiled brightly.

Something caught my eye and I looked up. Up above me was the woman floating about three-hundred feet in the air. She was spinning helplessly in every direction. She was fully naked and her breasts were about as big as her body was. I watched as her body spun around until she floated over some buildings and out of my sight. Katrina must've been close by. Maybe she's with Clara at the bakery?

After walking for a few minutes, sure enough, I found the bakery. I didn't see Clara outside so I opened the door and walked in. A woman smiled and welcomed me into the shop, “Hello, may I help you with anything?”

“Hello. Yes. Does Clara work here?”

“Clara? Yes! She just left to go to the bar.”


“What? Heavens, no! She's taking bread there.”

“Oh. Heh, that makes more sense,” I chuckled. “So, where's this bar at?”

“It's actually five buildings down on the left. Can't miss it.”

“Okay, thanks. Have a good day,” I waved and walked out of the store. This was getting tiring.  

I headed towards the bar where a small group of people were talking outside. I walked past them and pushed the door open. Lanterns were on the walls and tables and chairs were scattered around the place. When I looked behind the counter I saw a familiar face. Kylie.

I ran over to her and stood in front of the bar counter, “KYLIE! I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!”

She gave me an odd look, “Well. Okay then....”

“What are you doing here, anyways? We need to GO. Have you seen Clara?”

“Yeah, Clara just left. And what are you talking about?” she started wiping down the counter. “I work here.”

I returned the favor by giving her an odd look, “What?”

“Listen. I don't know who you are, but I've got to do my job. If I don't, I could get in trouble.”

“What the....Kylie, it's me! Janelle!”

She walked to the other side and greeted a man that sat down at the counter. I saw her get him a drink and set it in front of him. I sat down and sighed. This must be a sick joke. Either Kylie is trying to screw with me or Katrina brainwahed her so that she wouldn't ruin whatever plan or trick she had in mind for me. It was in Kylie's nature to prank and irritate me, so it made it believable. I smiled and played along. I'm sure Katrina would turn up sooner or later. She was probably watching me.

I heard a loud cheer from the customers inside the bar, and I turned around to see what was going on. Brad walked in with full knight armor on and I couldn't help but giggle. He looked so cute! And very sexy.

Men walked over and shook his hand before sitting back down, and Brad smiled to greet each and every one of them. Women walked over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek as he made his way to the counter. It was like he was a celebrity.

He sat down three chairs to my right. He turned and gave me a genuine smile before he started a conversation with Kylie. I stood up and sat in the seat to his left without taking my eyes off him. Kylie brought him a drink and he took a sip before turning his head, “Hello, ma'am.”

“I must say, you're quite believable. This whole prank is believable. Very good job.”


“C'mon, Brad. You don't need to pretend anymore. You guys got me. It was funny....HAHA. Get Katrina to take us home now.”

He gave me a confused look before going back to his drink.

“Also, since when do you drink? I don't think we've ever drank alcohol....if so, it's been quite a while.”

“Ma'am, I apologize, but I don't know you.”

My heart sank instantly, “What? I'm your wife.”

“I've never been married,” he replied.

My heart rate increased, “If you're trying to make me cry then you're getting very close....”

He finished his drink and turned to Kylie, “Kylie, please get this lovely lady a drink.”

“Kylie, it's fine, I don't drink,” I turned to Brad. “Why do you not remember me? We've known each other our whole lives! We met when we were very little, grew up together, went to high school together....we've been in a relationship practically our whole lives!”

“Here. Here's a few coins in case you change your mind on that drink,” he set down a small handful of coins on the counter in front of me and stood up. “Nice seeing you, Kylie. Off to go see what the queen wants us to do next....”

“Heh, byyyyeeeee Brrrraaadddddd,” Kylie blushed. “Nice seeing you, too!”

I looked at Kylie whose cheeks had become noticeably red, “You can stop that schoolgirl act, it won't work on him. He's mine.”

“Yeah, riiiiiight. Because since you're his 'wife' he definitely loves you. Even though he as no idea who you are.”

At that moment I became very angry at her. But since this was all some sick joke, I decided to leave. I picked up the coins and put them in my pocket, then walked out of the bar.

“Kylie really knows how to piss people off,” I mumbled. “No wonder Katrina had her as the bartender. She probably knew she'd be the first one I saw.”

I watched Brad walk down the path with people coming up and greeting him. It brought a smile to my face to see how caring he was, which I already knew. But the people here treated him like a movie star for whatever reason, which I didn't quite get. And why the heck was he wearing knight armor?

Looking off into the distance, I saw a black robe and orange hair. I quickly ran towards her, thinking it would've been Katrina. To my slight surprise, it was Clara. She was handing out apples to people walking by, giving each and every one a warm, cheery smile.

As I walked towards her she held out an apple with that same smile I've come to know and love so much, “Hello, stranger! Would you like a delicious apple?”

“Oh, fuck the apples, Clara! I'm just SOOOO happy to see you!” I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her the tightest I could, which was something she always did.

She chuckled and dropped her arms by her sides, “Heh, well, I'm happy to see you, too.”

“This has been a nightmare. I've already seen Kylie and Brad and they have no idea who I am. Please say you remember me....”

Clara greeted a little boy and handed him an apple while she replied, “I'm afraid I don't....”

“Great....this is really starting to get on my nerves,” I took a deep breath. “Katrina must've done something to everyone to make them forget.”

Clara looked surprised, “Katrina did something?”

“Yeah. Well, I think she did. It's hard to explain.”

Clara looked around and saw that the crowd of people was starting to thin out, “Follow me. I'll wheel the cart back to the bakery and take you to my house so we can talk.”

I helped Clara push the cart. I opened the door for her and she wheeled it into the bakery off to the side. She came back out and led the way.

“What's with the apples?” I asked.

“I do it for those who can't afford food,” Clara smiled. “Or for people who just want a tasty apple!”

I chuckled, “That's very generous of you. Do you do that often? I'm sure people are very thankful.”

“I do it every few days. My boss has to let me know when I can, but she's really nice.”

As she led me down the path we encountered another four-way intersection. She took a left and as we walked I looked around at everything in sight. It was early evening, perhaps around six o'clock. People started to head home for the day. Most shop owners started to lock their shops up, and some vendors on the street started to pack their goods away to bring with them.

“Hey, Clara,” I began. “You know magic. Can we just teleport to your house? Or is it close by?”

Clara stopped and turned to me, “How do you know that I know magic?”

I smiled, “I'll get to that shortly.”

Her house was at the next block. It wasn't too big of a house, but was enough for both her an her twin to live in. There were beautiful flowers out front like David had mentioned, and there were some stepping stones leading to the front door. She must've known Katrina would be home, as instead of unlocking the door she just pushed it open. Sure enough, Katrina was sitting on a table looking at a book.

I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her, “Katrina! I'm so happy to finally find you!”

She fixed her hat (I called it her “pointy witch hat” that her and Clara wore) and turned to look at me, “Who are you?”

I wasn't sure how to reply to that but after a few moments of silence I looked into her eyes, “Katrina. It's me. Janelle.”

Clara walked over, “She seems to know us. On the way here she mentioned how I should teleport here.”

“How do you know that?” Katrina asked.

“Huh? We're best friends! Plus you always use weird expansion potions on me and the others. It's not like I can forget that. I'm surprised you did, unless you're just screwing with me,” I responded.

“Everyone here knows that we know magic and can cast spells and all that....but we've never seen you before. Ever. So my question to you is that if we've never seen you before, how do you know us and who told you we could cast spells?”

I sighed, “I just told you. You can't tell me that you know nothing about the time machine you had me get in, right?”

Katrina froze, “Time machine....?”

“Yeah. But all this doesn't quite add up. I mean, if we all took a time machine to get here, then why does nobody remember me?”

“Okay, if you're telling the truth about this 'time machine', did you just take one?”

“Yes. Well, the others took a separate one. I don't particularly like how you had me go alone, but here I am.”

“Hmmmmm....this is interesting,” Katrina stood up and walked around. “Perhaps you're in a different dimension?”

“A different dimension?”

“Correct. Say this 'time machine' didn't quite work, or something went wrong....if you were supposed to go with someone and they don't remember you, that could explain why. Either something happened along the way that made them forget, went to one dimension and they went to another.”

“Katrina, that's crazy! You're the one that made the time machines! And you're supposed to be smart!”

“I am intelligent. If your story is true, then something must've went wrong. But I don't believe you.”

“I just don't understand why you two can't remember me. Even Kylie and Brad don't know who I am! The only ones I haven't seen yet are Pandora and Sabrina. Have you seen them?”

“Uhm, excuse me. I've got a meeting,” Katrina walked out the door and Clara smiled and waved.

Clara walked over and sat at the table and looked over the book Katrina was reading.

I sat across from her, “Katrina's got a meeting?”

“Yeah, she works for Sabrina up in the castle.”

“Castle? Wow....maybe I really am in a different dimension....or what if I really did travel back in time? This is so confusing,” I groaned and set my head down on the table for a moment before popping back up. “Wait a minute....Katrina works for Sabrina?”

“Yeah. Katrina is like an assistant. Or adviser, you could say.”

“Adviser to what?”

“Sabrina's the queen.”


“Uhhhh, yeah. You didn't know that?”

“No....I come from a looonnggg ways away. I'm still learning new things about this messed up place,” I replied. “So let's see....Kylie works at the bar, Katrina is an adviser, you work at a bakery, and Brad is....?

“He's the general of the army.”

“Wow, really? That sounds awesome. Is that why everyone knows him?”

“Yeah, he's very well known around here. And in other kingdoms within the area. A lot of women have feelings for him, too. He's handsome!”

“Ugh, I didn't need to hear that,” I rolled my eyes. “You may not believe me, but from the dimension I'm from, Brad is my husband.”

Clara gasped, “Reeeaaaallllyyyy?”

“Yup. But since I'm here I guess everything that I do know doesn't even apply. Anyways....were you the one that made that woman swell up a little while ago? I forgot to ask.”

“Me? No. I don't even know how to do that,” Clara sadly admitted. “That was Katrina. She must've been in the area and then came home. Or she cast the spell from here. I'm not sure.”

“Oh. You may hear me say this a few more times but I'm still surprised at how different this place is compared to what I'm used to. Everything is just very strange.”

“That's understandable. Does that mean you need a place to stay?”

“Well, I don't want to have to ask, but yes.”

“You can stay here with Katrina and I!” Clara smiled. She stood up and walked towards the back room and waved me over. “You can sleep here, there's your bed. Oh! And there's a window! And there's a pretty flower I grabbed yesterday that's on the little table over there! See it?”

“Haha, yes, Clara. Out of everything I've seen, you're the only thing that hasn't really changed at all. You're still the genuinely nice and sweet person I've always known. So thank you. Plus, you're absolutely adorable even if we're in a different dimension.”


“You know, you just make me want to hug you really this!” I smiled and gave her the best hug she had ever gotten. She was just too darn cute for me not to.

“Back where I'm from, you know, the “different dimension” thing Katrina said, everyone can't resist giving you a hug at times. You're just that special.”

“Awwww, hehe,” Clara blushed. “I love hugs!”

“Mhm. I know that,” I laughed. “Hey, did Katrina say anything about a meeting to you?”

“Actually, no. She didn't.”

“Hmmmm....that seems kinda strange. You said Sabrina is the queen? I wonder what this meeting is about?”

**** Back at the castle ****

“So, this 'Janelle' just randomly appeared, huh?”

“Yes. I don't know when or how she got here but she's at my house. Clara is with her now.”

“I see,” Sabrina paced around the room. “I want you to keep an eye on this woman. I want to find out more about her.”

Katrina adjusted her glasses, “Well, we don't know how much longer she'll be here for. Clara and I have never seen her before, yet she's claiming to know who we are. She even referred to you and Brad by name.”

“I think this whole 'time machine' story is preposterous. Even so, this doesn't explain how she knows so much.”

“If she were trying to be secretive, I don't think she'd willingly come to my house, especially if she knows who I am and my position.”

“Perhaps that's the thing....she's using you to get to me. Just find out everything you can about her. If she finds out anything else, especially about the plan, then our cover will be blown.”

“Sabrina, are you implying-”

“Yes. Yes I am,” Sabrina walked over to the window and looked out at the evening sky and the bustling city below. She turned around and looked into Katrina's eyes. “We seem to have a spy on our hands....”

To Be Continued
Kingdom Of Salador: Part One
This is a fun take on the typical world my OC's and I interact in. You don't necessarily need to know my OC's, but it'd help a bit knowing who they are and how they act, because this world that the story takes place in is a bit different. Though there are also some similarities with what you'd expect from them.

I believe I watched "Back To The Future" and had this as a dream, with my OC's and I having the roles that we have. The idea kept bugging me for weeks, and I took that as a sign that it needed to be written. So here we are :) Also, years ago I wrote a somewhat similar story and the name of the town I used was.....Salador. So it's a little tribute to that, for those of you that remember ;p

Will my OC's remember who I am? How will I get home? What's Sabrina's "plan" that she mentioned to Katrina?

Stay tuned! ;p
Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought about writing a Halloween story. Of course, this would mean that I'd have to wait before I could finish part two to the series. I suppose there's a few options I could go with, so I'll have to think about that a little more.

As far as part two I'm working on, I've gotten a pretty good start on it. I don't remember the actual size of the file, but I may have written about a third of what part one was. So that's nearing completion. And I may have mentioned a couple of journals ago about waiting until part two was completed before taking a little break to write up a random story. I may just write the Halloween story instead, but I'm not sure if I'd have the time to write it before Halloween. We'll see.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)

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My name is Janelle, and I am one of the few females that are into expansion. I've written tons of stories ranging from a wide variety of expansions. I'm always thinking up new ideas, and most of my ideas come randomly to me :p But any idea I get I try making into a story; some are better than others. Writing relaxes me and I really enjoy writing about my OC's and I getting into rather "interesting" situations ;p

Aside from that, I am British and for those curious, I DO have the accent ;p I love to stay active whether it's going for afternoon jogs, or just playing sports with friends. I can be competitive but won't be upset if thing's don't go my way. I am very friendly, and I love to help people whenever I can. I'm a very caring person and enjoy cheering people up :huggle:

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