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All right, guys! CONTEST TIME! If you're interested please read and refer to this journal in it's entirety, as I will discuss what you need to know about the contest. I hope my last journal was a good teaser ;p

Anyways, here's the plan. I recently mentioned the idea of writing a story which would consist of two parts, or possibly three depending on how I make the layout. Because of this, and because I haven't done a contest in a long time, I saw this as a great opportunity to hold one. I know I've mentioned having one for probably the past year but yes, it's officially happening :)


The contest will be for the opportunity to appear in my next story. If the story goes two or three parts, I cannot guarantee which part you will be in, but you'll be included. This is the first time I've tried this and I think it'll be a lot of fun!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that FOUR WINNERS will be chosen in the contest? Yes, your eyes saw that correctly! FOUR! :dance:


This will probably be one of the easiest contests you'll ever enter in. You do not have to have writing or artistic skills to enter, which is why I designed it this way so anyone can enter and not feel left out :) :tighthug:

I'm sure if you've read enough of my stories you may have developed a liking to one of my characters, whether it be because of what they do in stories, their personality, or whatever the case may be. Your mission is to tell me who your favorite OC of mine is. Don't have a favorite? Do your best to choose one. If you're a new reader of mine, or have only read a few stories of mine, then please look over a few stories and do your best to make a decision on who your favorite is. I don't care who you pick, because it's up for you to decide. There are no "wrong answers" because it's your opinion. All I ask is that you're honest. I plan on tallying up the totals at the end! :)


To enter, all you have to do is comment ON THIS journal by answering this simple question: "Who is your favorite OC of mine, and why?" (my characters are Sabrina, Clara, Kylie, Pandora, and Katrina)

ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday September 15th, 11:59PM ET


I know, rules aren't the greatest, but without them there'd be chaos :o Plus, there's just some guidelines that I need to point out and/or clear up so everything isn't confusing, so please read carefully!

1. When you answer the question, please do not reply with something like "My favorite OC of yours is ______ because she's hawt ;p" While I'll probably get a chuckle from that, I will not accept that as an entry.

2. The length of your comment does not particularly matter, but building off from #1, if you only have one or two sentences then you probably won't win. I'm looking for some effort to be put into your reply, rather than a quick sentence. I really want to know who your favorite OC is and why they are, and this helps me understand what you think of each. I do not need you to write an essay or a book. I'm not going to count sentences or anything cheesy like that, but I am expecting a quality reply. I'm not going to say how long you should make your comment when replying, because it's really up to you (but please don't make it "too" long, though). If I can tell that you put a little bit of time and some effort in, then you'll have nothing to worry about. Please make sure what you type makes sense. Spelling errors and run-on sentences may be confusing to look at, especially if I'll be having a load of comments to read/look through. So please, do your best in that regard. Thank you :hug:

3. I will note each winner, so be on the lookout for a note from me. I'll probably title it something like "Congratulations!" or something like that. I'm not quite sure how I'll format the note, but I'll certainly be asking for a name (only first name) to be used in the story. You can list your real name, or if you'd like, you can give me another name to use. For example, say your name is "Mark" but you want me to use the name "Josh" for whatever reason. Just let me know. I'm looking for actual human names, so please do not say your name is "Super Awesome Zap Ray" :p Also, if you'd like for me to include an OC of yours instead, that'd be an idea. If you decide to do that, only human OC's can be included.

4. Each winner will have a deadline to reply back, which I will include in your note. If I do not receive a reply within whatever time I give you (probably five days), another winner will be chosen in your place.

5. ONLY ONE ENTRY (ONE COMMENT), PLEASE! I'm expecting a bunch of comments so please only leave one. Everyone gets one entry anyways, and if you leave more than one it'll result in more pages that I'd need to sort through. So please, comment only once. I WILL NOT accept your entry through notes, so please do not send me a note. You must comment on this journal below if you would like to enter. It just makes it easier for me to have all the entries in one place.

I didn't expect to have this many rules either, but I needed to make sure some things were explained. Winners will be chosen by me, and I will not look at usernames to make my decision. Everyone is equal. I thought about drawing from a hat or typing in every username in a randomizer site but it'd take a while, and if someone doesn't claim their spot, I'd have to write up/re-enter all the names and draw again. So to save time, I'll pick each winner. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. It's your opinion on who your favorite OC is. Simply answering the question (while following the rules) will earn you an entry.

This contest is supposed to be a fun way to be included in a story while also giving me some feedback on my OC's. So please, be sure to have some fun with it! Who knows, maybe you'll win? Four people will be chosen so you never know! ;p


Certain roles will appear at different times, so I'm limited with how far I can write until I can place the winners in the story. Also, when I note the winners I'll probably ask which role in the story they'd like to have. The first one to reply back to me will have first pick, the second will have the second pick, and so on. I'd like to choose at least one female, if possible. Just because you reply last doesn't mean it's a bad thing, either. The roles will pretty much fall into what preference you want. Either way, you're still guaranteed a role as long as you reply back to me within the time frame.

I'm expecting a bunch of entries, so I'm going to wait until after the contest before I reply to any comments I see. Normally I reply when I can, but if I commented it'd result in less entries on each page, and I'd have to sort through even more pages. So please keep that in mind.


1. The deadline to submit your comment is Monday September 15th, 11:59PM ET. Answer the question by commenting on this journal. The length is up to you, but please do not write too much, because I'll have a bunch of comments to go through.

2. Winners will be noted. It'll probably take a few days for me to go through each comment, so depending on how many comments/entries I receive, I won't send notes out until probably a few days after the contest ends. So please don't panic if you don't receive a note from me the day (or the day after) the contest ends. It'll take a little bit of time.

3. Below are the slots for the contest winners. Once a winner is confirmed, I will add them in each slot in the order that they reply. If you wish for me to list your username, let me know. If you want me to keep your username anonymous, I will also do that. Just let me know :hug: I believe there's an option to "notify" watchers when updating journals, so I'll do that. Whether you get a notification of this journal being updated, check this journal yourself for updates just in case you don't get notified for some reason.

4. If you don't get noted at first, you can still win if someone doesn't claim their spot before the deadline they receive. So check this journal for updates until all spots are officially claimed.

5. If you have a question, please do not note me. Instead, comment on my last journal which can be found here: Contest On The Horizon....

6. All updates will be added below, so when checking this journal yourself (or from being notified) after the contest has ended, check below for the contestant confirmations and any other comments I may add.



Please do not leave any stray entries, only your "official" entry comment!

9/14/14: Remember, if you want to enter and haven't already, make sure to leave your comment before Monday September 15th, 11:59PM ET! Only 21 comments have been left so far, and remember, I'm picking four winners! Just a friendly reminder :)



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Janelle Berry
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My name is Janelle, and I am one of the few females that are into expansion. I've written tons of stories ranging from a wide variety of expansions. I'm always thinking up new ideas, and most of my ideas come randomly to me :p But any idea I get I try making into a story; some are better than others. Writing relaxes me and I really enjoy writing about my OC's and I getting into rather "interesting" situations ;p

Aside from that, I am British and for those curious, I DO have the accent ;p I love to stay active whether it's going for afternoon jogs, or just playing sports with friends. I can be competitive but won't be upset if thing's don't go my way. I am very friendly, and I love to help people whenever I can. I'm a very caring person and enjoy cheering people up :huggle:

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