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Hello, all. As you may have noticed, I FINALLY POSTED THAT STORY! :la: I've been working on that for like two months, maybe three, I'm not sure. I wrote more in the past two days than I did in all that time. I'm just happy I had the time to do all of that.

Just reading the title you can see that it'll be about giantess, which is my first giantess story that I've ever written, and first story I've posted in quite a while. So hopefully I wasn't too rusty but there should be a point in the story where everything picks up entirely and stuff gets REAL, lol. I said pretty much all I wanted to say in my comments under the story, but I wanted to do something different than just I went with added BE also! :D I just thought it was a wicked idea and I haven't heard of it being done before so I thought it was cool. Kylie makes a cute giantess, I must say ;p Sabrina, Clara, and Katrina all interacted well together and I believe it went very well. Not to mention Kylie's BONUS surprise towards the end, haha ;p :lmao:

Upcoming Plans:

I believe I mentioned this weeks ago but I told myself that once I finished the story I would go back and update my characters' bios, which are in my scraps. Looking at them now I only have two of my OC's bios up, which is foolish on my part and I'm surprised I didn't realize/remember it sooner. Nonetheless, ALL my OC's will have bios updated and posted and I'll be sure to let you all know when they're posted, so keep an eye out for those.

I also want to organize my gallery a little better and highlight a few short-series that I've written, so I'll be adding some new folders and playing around with that sometime.

I also have two other ideas in mind, one I'm not sure of yet. I'll save those for another time. I gotta write those bios and organize my gallery before I do anything else, that's my next priority.

Hope you all enjoyed my first giantess story, with a twist, of course! I got all crazy random and went along with it. It was a lot of fun, I'll have to consider doing another giantess story sometime ;p :tighthug:

:cd: "Walking With Giants" by Blondfire


Hello, all. As you may have noticed, I FINALLY POSTED THAT STORY! :la: I've been working on that for like two months, maybe three, I'm not sure. I wrote more in the past two days than I did in all that time. I'm just happy I had the time to do all of that.

Just reading the title you can see that it'll be about giantess, which is my first giantess story that I've ever written, and first story I've posted in quite a while. So hopefully I wasn't too rusty but there should be a point in the story where everything picks up entirely and stuff gets REAL, lol. I said pretty much all I wanted to say in my comments under the story, but I wanted to do something different than just I went with added BE also! :D I just thought it was a wicked idea and I haven't heard of it being done before so I thought it was cool. Kylie makes a cute giantess, I must say ;p Sabrina, Clara, and Katrina all interacted well together and I believe it went very well. Not to mention Kylie's BONUS surprise towards the end, haha ;p :lmao:

Upcoming Plans:

I believe I mentioned this weeks ago but I told myself that once I finished the story I would go back and update my characters' bios, which are in my scraps. Looking at them now I only have two of my OC's bios up, which is foolish on my part and I'm surprised I didn't realize/remember it sooner. Nonetheless, ALL my OC's will have bios updated and posted and I'll be sure to let you all know when they're posted, so keep an eye out for those.

I also want to organize my gallery a little better and highlight a few short-series that I've written, so I'll be adding some new folders and playing around with that sometime.

I also have two other ideas in mind, one I'm not sure of yet. I'll save those for another time. I gotta write those bios and organize my gallery before I do anything else, that's my next priority.

Hope you all enjoyed my first giantess story, with a twist, of course! I got all crazy random and went along with it. It was a lot of fun, I'll have to consider doing another giantess story sometime ;p :tighthug:

:cd: "Walking With Giants" by Blondfire

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“Hey, give me the remote!”

“Haha, nope! You'll have to try harder than that!”

“DAMMIT, SABRINA!” Kylie jumped and tried to snag the remote away from Sabrina while she held it as high as she could out of her reach.

“I can wait here if you'd like to get a stepping stool?”

“Sabrina, this isn't funny. Just give me the remote.”

“This is much better than anything on tv anyways. Believe me, I just checked a few minutes ago while you were in the kitchen.”

Kylie sighed and gave up. She gave Sabrina a shove before walking to Clara who was in the kitchen doing some cleaning. She was washing some dishes when Kylie walked up beside her, “You know what? You should cast a spell on Sabrina.”

“Really? What for?” Clara asked with a curious smile.

“Well, she's being a total BITCH. Like, seriously. Total. Bitch.”

“Oh. She keeping the remote away from you again?”

“YEAH. I hate when she does that! Go cast a spell on her so I can get her back.”

“I'm sorry, but I probably don't know how to cast the spell you have in mind. Besides, I'm too busy cleaning. Maybe Katrina can help you when she gets back from the store?”

“Speaking of Katrina, where the hell is she? She's been gone for a while.”

“I'm not sure. She said she needed to get some things for new potions or something, I don't know. Oh! Can you go back into the potion room and bring me any containers or vials that need to be cleaned? There might be some stray ones on top of the tables in there. Katrina sometimes forgets to clean them so I have to.”

Kylie groaned, “Yeah, fine....”

Kylie headed towards the potion room. When Katrina was around she wouldn't let anyone inside the potion room, especially Kylie. Clara was always much more lenient than her sister, which meant that since she didn't have to worry about Katrina, this would make a great time to go snooping for something.

She looked around the room and walked over to the tall shelves against the wall. There must've been a hundred or so potions with many different colors. She turned a few vials to read the label but didn't find any that interested her. She searched shelf after shelf for a good potion but nothing caught her eye. She took a few steps back and looked higher up on the shelf before her eyes instantly saw a label that intrigued her, “Hmmmm, Giantess Plus? Giantess means a tall woman so I could take that and become taller than Sabrina! YES! Then I can keep the remote from her and see how she likes it! But why the hell does it have to be on the top friggin' shelf!? I'm already short as it is....”

Kylie looked around the room and pulled over a chair to stand on. She carefully stood on the seat and reached up as far as she could. Thankfully for her she was able to pull it towards her with her fingertips and caught it after she pulled it over the edge of the shelf. She smiled while she held it in her hands. It was a purplish liquid that had streams of orange in it. It looked odd but very cool at the same time.

She climbed down and pushed the chair back. She looked at the “Giantess+” label and tried to think. If giantess stood for a tall woman, drinking this would make me taller....but what about that plus symbol? Would it make me extra-taller? Kylie shrugged and pulled off the cork. Of course it would, it only made sense.

“Let's see what Sabrina thinks of me after I drink this!” Kylie poured the liquid into her mouth and swallowed every last drop. There wasn't much of a taste to it, but at least it wasn't sour. She brought the vial with her and picked up a couple of other vials that were on top of the table. She walked back to Clara and handed her the vials.

“Thanks, Kylie. I thought about it and I was wondering what spell you had in mind? I might be able to cast it on Sabrina if you're still mad.”

“Nah, that won't be necessary,” Kylie grinned. “It's okay.”

Kylie walked over to Sabrina who was sitting on the couch. She wasn't really focused on the tv so once Kylie walked into view her attention shifted.

“So, back for more? Maybe if you stand on the couch you might be able to reach it this time,” Sabrina stood up.

Sabrina was 5'8'', while Kylie stood at just 5'3''. She was pretty much eye level with Sabrina's boobs (which wasn't a bad thing). Sabrina held the remote behind her back and smiled, “Let's see what you got, shorty.”

Kylie could feel a rumbling in her stomach, so she knew the potion was starting to take effect. She didn't say a word. All she did was smile proudly as she waited for the changes to start.

Sabrina nodded, “Oh, I see. You're too scared to try anything, right?”

“Scared? Not at all,” she gave Sabrina a playful shove then bolted towards the back door.

“Ohhhhhhh you didn't just do that!” Sabrina tossed the remote onto the couch and stormed after her, meeting her in the backyard. “You know, if I were you I wouldn't be messing with someone who is bigger. Ever hear of that expression 'pick on someone your own size'?”

“What are you going to do about it, huh?” Kylie folded her arms.

“Oh, yeah? I-” Sabrina paused once she noticed something different about Kylie. She blinked a few times thinking maybe she was seeing things, but it turned out that Kylie was growing taller! “Wait, what are you....”

As Kylie inched taller she stared into Sabrina's eyes with big grin. She felt so happy that she almost came close to bursting into laughter multiple times, and Sabrina's dumbfounded expression made it even better.

Sabrina used to have to tilt her head down a little to look into Kylie's eyes, but now, much to her surprise, Kylie was now eye-level with her. Kylie, still with her proud grin, stared into Sabrina's eyes as she continued to grow.

For the first time ever, though, Sabrina had to shift her eyes upwards to look at Kylie, “B-b-but....I....”

“Haha, what's the matter, Sabrina? Are you just surprised that I'm now TALLER THAN YOU?” she couldn't keep it in any longer. But her laughter was stopped by the realization that her clothes were becoming tighter. She looked down and her arms were a little longer, and the bottom of her shirt was now just above her bellybutton. Her shorts pulled around her thighs and stretched across her butt.

Kylie had grown quite a bit already, and was now 5'10''. Her breasts had gotten bigger and already put a strain on her bra; when she looked down she could see her cleavage staring back, but figured that it must've been her tight bra pushing her breasts together.

“What a turn of events, huh? Now I'm taller than you and now YOU'RE the one who's at eye-level with my boobs,” Kylie said with pride. She playfully tackled Sabrina to the ground and pinned her arms. Sabrina was able to pin Kylie down before with ease, but now, it was the other way around. Sabrina was able to squirm underneath but every inch Kylie grew gave her more strength to hold her down. “What's the matter, Sabrina? Too weak?”

A few rips could be heard, causing Kylie to look over her shoulder. Her shorts had begun to tear apart across her backside and her bra straps were already digging into her shoulders. Her panties were beginning to give her a wedgie as her ass cheeks grew and even her shoes were getting tight.

“Ehh....I didn't really think out the part about the tight clothes,” Kylie looked around and watched her body outgrow her clothes. She felt her bra straps snap underneath her shirt and could feel her bra slide with more mobility with her growing body. Her thighs grew thicker with her shorts pulling across each thigh in a way that made it uncomfortable. Her shoes squeezed her feet; she turned to look down at them and could see the laces pull taut over the top of each foot. With her shirt rising up and her shoulders widening, her arms continued to lengthen. The outline of Kylie's bra could be seen pressing against the inside of her shirt as her breasts kept putting on more pressure. At this point, Kylie was now 6'6''.

Clara strolled out the back door humming to herself playfully, “Hey, is anyone hungry? I can make-WHOOAAAAAA....”

With her clothes tightening across her body Kylie decided to stand up, figuring it'd be a little more comfortable for her. Clara's head slowly tilted upwards to see Kylie towering above. She stood next to Sabrina who brushed herself off and was still having trouble accepting the fact that Kylie was much, much taller than her.

“Kylie, how did you get so tall?” Clara asked in disbelief.

“Well, since you asked, I might as well tell both of you. After Sabrina pissed me off yet again, I went to the potion room to look for something to get her back. I found a giantess potion, which, by the way, was ON THE TOP DAMN SHELF!”

“Katrina probably put it up there so Kylie wouldn't see it,” Sabrina mumbled to Clara. “You know a spell to make me tall, too? I need to get back at her.”

“Uhhmmmm....maybe? I don't know,” Clara replied shyly. “Katrina's the one you should ask, but she's not back yet.”

Sabrina signed, “Great, now we have to hear Kylie gloat.”


Kylie felt her ass suddenly jiggle as her shorts ripped apart and fell to her feet. She looked down to see just how tight her panties looked on her. It looked as though she was wearing a thong; the wedgie she was experiencing wasn't very pleasant, either. Thankfully it didn't take long for her to out-grow her panties, as with a quick snap of the waistband, her over-stretched panties easily slid down her legs. Kylie gasped and reached both arms down to cover herself, while pushing her breasts together in the process.

Kylie's shirt soon found itself on the edge of life and death. With her cleavage spilling out from her collar, Sabrina grinned, “Hmmmm....nice cleavage, Kylie.”

Her breasts were the size of basketballs, with her shirt awkwardly wrapped around them with bigger holes forming. Reaching 7'1'', Kylie's shoes began to tear around her feet. Laces popped off of each foot one by one as her feet widened. She tried to look down at them but found it to be difficult with the two globes in front of her face. She could feel her shoes opening up and her feet destroying the socks she wore. As her feet burst out from her shoes, the threads ripped over the tops of her feet and stretched across her soles, while also pulling along her heels. Some threads slipped between her toes while her feet obliterated her socks.

“Hey, pink toenails! I really like that color you used,” Clara giggled.

Kylie's cleavage jiggled a bit as she did her best to look over her boobs. She managed to see the tips of her toes growing over the remains of her socks and shoes. She wiggled her toes and could faintly feel her socks underneath her feet but almost instantly felt her toes touching grass.

Even though her arms were longer they were still in proportion with her body, so even when she thought she'd be able to cover herself up, her swelling breasts were making it hard for her to. With a long-awaited departure, her shirt finally split apart and her bra fell to the ground with it; her breasts jiggled a little and kept swelling into her arms while also expanding underneath them and out to her sides.

“Hey, Kylie!” Clara waved her hands to get her attention. “Can you see your apartment?”

“Clara, she's only, like, 7'7''. She's not tall enough to see it yet,” Sabrina replied. “Though I can see something. I see somebody's nipples, hehe.”

Kylie brought one arm up and wrapped it around both breasts the best she could, but still had trouble doing so. As her thighs pressed into one another she opened her legs a little and could feel her butt cheeks jiggle enough to get her attention. She turned her head and watched her backside expand.

At the corner of her eye Sabrina saw Katrina heading towards them, and got excited to see what her reaction to this situation would be. As Katrina pushed open the door, she stopped, and looked up at Kylie, “WHAT THE HELL DID THE THREE OF YOU DO WHILE I WAS GONE?”

“Well, Kylie decided to go into your potion room and drink one of your potions, obviously without asking you, because she knew she could get away with it while you were gone,” Sabrina flashed a cheeky grin to Katrina.

“Hey, that's BULLSHIT!” Kylie hollered. “Don't turn this all on me, you started it! Childish!”

“By holding a remote away from you? You're the one that's being childish! Besides, you're the one that drank the potion.”

“Oh, Sabrina, does Katrina know you STEAL her potions when she's not around? For example, remember that breast expansion potion you used on that one chick at that birthday party you went to a few weeks ago?”

“Shut up, Kylie, you don't know what you're talking about!” Sabrina gave Katrina a look. “Do you have another one of those giantess potions? Let me drink one or just cast a spell on me so I can grow as big as her and put her in her place.”

“Normally I probably would but I don't believe you'd want to do that, especially after what Kylie will be going through soon. Was there anything else on the vial, like a picture, writing, a symbol....anything?” asked Katrina.

“Yeah, there was a plus symbol next to the 'Giantess' that was written on the front,” Kylie replied. “I was wondering what that meant.”

Katrina's face lit up with excitement, “This is better than I thought!”

“Why, what does that symbol mean?” Clara asked.

Katrina adjusted her glasses, “Well, let's just say that it's not just any typical giantess potion. When I created it I added a little kick to it. It hasn't been tested yet, either. I suppose it's only fitting that our shortest friend gets to be the first subject in this experiment.”

“Wait, what? Experiment!?” Kylie yelped, now 10 feet tall.

“Precisely. That potion has been sitting around for about a month or so. I wanted to test it out but wasn't sure who I wanted to experiment on,” Katrina responded with a grin and gave Kylie a wink. “You're the first!”

Kylie suddenly became nervous. With an arm still covering her growing boobs, Kylie looked down worriedly, “I'm gonna be okay, right?”

Katrina folded her arms and thought for a moment before replying, “Yeah, you should be fine. Since it's never been tested I just don't know how your body will react to it. Everyone's different.”

“Her body seems to be reacting well to it,” Sabrina asserted. “How much taller is she going to get, if you had to guess?”

“Well, she could stop close to 50 feet tall, or 100. Hell, she could even grow to 500 feet tall. But I highly doubt that. With the potion's concentration, there's a max height that can be reached, and that max depends on the person.” Katrina adjusted her glasses once more. “I obviously wouldn't want someone to grow forever or grow big enough to alter the Earth's orbit or rotation in some way, nothing like that. That's way too big.”

“Blah, blah, blah! Katrina, how about fixing all this? Make a potion to make me stop growing!” Kylie urged. “I don't want anyone to see me like this!”

“You think you're getting off the hook that easy? Think again, Kylie. I need to see the results and make alterations, if needed.”

As the three watched from below, Kylie looked to be growing at a faster pace. She surged past 20 feet tall and hesitantly looked around, still getting used to her constantly changing height. She could see other people's backyards within the area, and could even see a family swimming in their pool five houses to her right. Once she reached 33 feet, her head bumped into a tree branch, “Dammit!”

Sabrina continued to find humor in Kylie's predicament and laughed while Clara called up to her, “Are you okay, Kylie?”

Kylie reached up and pushed the large branch away with ease while also causing leaves to fall onto her body. Her breasts jiggled as she tore the branch off the tree and tossed it aside in frustration before brushing off the leaves.

As the pace picked up yet again, Kylie reached 40 feet tall, then 56 feet tall, and quickly surged past 69 feet. Kylie stared at the new world around her, with each added foot of growth giving a whole new perspective.

“Huh....this is interesting,” Katrina spoke aloud. “Kylie's getting rather tall. She should be reaching that max height any time now but she hasn't shown any signs of slowing down....”

“I'd laugh if Kylie fell onto your house,” Sabrina proclaimed. “That would make one hell of a story, that's for sure.”

“Kylie, step away from my house!” Katrina waved her hands.

Kylie took two steps back and stepped on a folding chair Clara had left out.

“Ugggghhhh!” Kylie groaned. She lifted her foot up to reveal the chair which was now snapped in half. “KATRINA, STOP THIS NOW!”

“Give it some time, Kylie. No harm done, we'll just get a new chair,” Katrina assured. “We've still got the grand finale to look forward to!”

Kylie grew to 87 feet tall, then shot up to 100. Her breasts, to the three of them watching below, were as big as cars. Sabrina watched them jiggle while Katrina kept an eye on how much room Kylie had in the backyard to grow.

“Hey, Kylie! How's the weather up there?” Clara giggled. “I've always wanted to make that joke!”

“That was actually pretty decent, Clara. I'd say she must be a little cold, just look at how hard those nipples are,” Sabrina pointed.

“AHHHHHH! C'mon, stop staring at my nipples!” Kylie covered her nipples with each hand, pressing her breasts up slightly in the process.

Clara saw a sudden surge in Kylie's hips and looked over at Katrina, “I thought Kylie would stay in proportion to her body?”

“For the most part she will be, but there's bound to be a few minor differences.”

“Oh, so this is what you were talking about before? Being that added 'kick' you mentioned?” Sabrina observed.

Kylie's hips widened and her thighs thickened, her height passing 118 feet tall. She was the tallest thing in sight. She looked over her boobs and actually had to lean over just to see her three friends looking back up at her. Feeling that her hips had widened considerably, Kylie traced her hands down her sides and observed the curve of her body. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath, and for the first time, felt relaxed and enjoyed the experience. She quickly passed 141 feet, and then 166 feet tall still without any hint of stopping.

“I'm going to end up breaking my neck looking up at her like this,” Sabrina said, rubbing the back of her neck softly.

The three of them could faintly hear sirens, and they seemed to be getting louder as time passed. Clara tried to pinpoint the direction they were coming from and pointed after a moment of thought, “It sounds like they're coming from....that way!”

“Yeah, you're right, Clara. I see 'em. Cop cars? There must be a cool high-speed chase going on! Sweeeeet!” Kylie stood on her tippy toes to peek over a few trees off in the distance that were blocking her sight before the cars made a turn and headed their way. “They wouldn't be coming for me, would they?”

“I don't want them to take Kylie to jail!” Clara protested.

“IN A LITTLE CAR?” Katrina took a deep breath and hung her head. “There has to be an emergency in the area, or perhaps they're driving down this street because it's a shortcut to where they really need to go. What's it look like from your view up there?”

“Uhhhhmmmm....well, they're still coming this way.”

“Kylie, quick! Hide so they can't see you!” Clara flailed her arms worriedly.

“HOW? SHE'S HUGE!” Katrina thumped herself on the forehead and sighed.


“Uhm, 'So?' Clara, how are we going to explain a 200-foot woman in our backyard? Ever think of that?”

“Ohhhhhh, I see what you mean. Yeah, this is bad.”

With the cars now only a couple blocks away, Kylie saw that the objects in sight had stopped shrinking, causing her to look around, “Hey, Katrina! I....I think I stopped growing!”

Katrina tilted her head up and shook her head and spoke loud enough so that only Clara and Sabrina could hear, “I knew I shouldn’t have left you three alone....”

“You gotta admit that this is entertaining,” Sabrina responded.

Kylie had finished growing at the height of 224 feet. As the officers got out of their cars they glanced up with a look of bewilderment. Katrina walked towards them and urged them away, “Hello, guys. Nothing to see here. Just girls being girls.”

One of the officers spoke with an astonished tone. “Well, uhhhmmm....were in the area and got a call about....a giantess close by and were sent to take a look.”

The driver from the other squad car looked over at his partner, “Holy shit, I can't believe it! I thought this was a joke!”

“I don't even know what the protocol is when it comes to a giantess!”

“That's because there is no protocol!”

“I'm on scene with Officer Ford, Officer Brown, and Officer O'Keegan,” the officer Katrina had spoken called in to dispatch. “Holy shit....”

Katrina turned around and looked up at Kylie, “Ah, this'll be interesting....”

Kylie felt a warm, fuzzy tingling in her chest as her breasts began to swell. Sabrina jogged over to Katrina with Clara following right behind her, “Katrina, look at her boobs!”

“I know, Sabrina. This is the 'kick' I mentioned....giantess with an extra dosage of breast expansion.”

“This is amaaaaaaaaazing! This is probably your best creation yet!”

“Thanks, but it's still in its early stages. Still much more growth to go before I deem it a success....”


“You know that plus symbol you asked about? Well, this is the answer to your question!”

Katrina looked over and even saw multiple news vehicles that had seen Kylie and drove to get as close as they could to her. Kylie watched all the little people dart around on the street while cameras flashed at her. She cupped her breasts, “Hey, stop that! Stop taking pictures!”

Even as big as her hands were, her boobs quickly outgrew her grasp and by doing so, she had to keep adjusting to keep them covered from everyone's view. Although she didn't know it, her cheeks turned red with embarrassment. Who knows how many people were seeing her on tv, she thought to herself. Perhaps it was early to assume she was on a national tv channel, but headlines would surface. All these news outlets showed up out of nowhere, which was remarkable. Then again, it's not every day that people see a giantess, which is definitely newsworthy. Perhaps they followed the cop cars to report on an accident or crime? That could explain why they arrived shortly after the patrol cars.

“All I wanted was to get Sabrina back for making fun of me and my height all the time, I didn't want THIS to happen!” Kylie did her best to wrap her arms around her breasts. She hugged them, which also gave an interesting view to everyone watching below.

“So Katrina, my next question would you know how big they're going to get?”

Katrina folded her arms and thought for a moment, “Well, sort of. This is unlike anything I've done before so it's still an experiment. Her boobs are going to grow big, though. Very big.”

“Haha, this just keeps getting better and better!” Sabrina watched Kylie's breasts wobble under her arms as they grew.

Kylie hugged her breasts close, but could feel them pushing her arms out. Everyone watched closely with their heads tilted up at her, cameras still flashing. There must've been close to 40 people in front of Katrina and Clara's house, with cars driving down and parking along other streets to get a different view with a small crowd beginning to form.

“Uggggghhhhh! How much longer, Katrina? My tits are fucking huge!” Kylie groaned.

“You've got much more growth to go, Kylie!” Katrina yelled up.

Kylie's heart was beating fast. In an act of desperation she locked her fingers together, feeling her boobs continue to swell over her arms and even her cleavage swell up into her face. All cameras were rolling as her fingers were pulled apart from their grasp, causing her breasts to jiggle out and be greeted by countless flashes down on the street. Reporters were talking on-air, and due to the sudden activity, people walked out their front door to see what was going on, obviously amazed at what they saw.

Since she couldn't cover-up her massive tits, Kylie opted to cup her breasts and cover her nipples up. Although most of her breasts could be seen, she continued to make an effort to keep her nipples out of sight. No matter where she looked, there were numerous eyes on her and her body. Lights flashed and cell phones were in full use. Kylie figured there were already pictures of her online and that news of her situation would only spread like wildfire. She wanted to cry because of how embarrassed she was. How could such a harmless little vial turn into all of this?

The tingling in her breasts did feel rather nice. If it weren't for the fact that hundreds, or by now even a few thousand people were watching at home or hearing about it on social media, then it wouldn't be so bad. Her boobs swelled like balloons, and she could feel the impact of their weight on her back; they quivered in her hands while she arched her back. Each breast was about 16 feet in diameter and her nipples became more difficult to cover since they too had seen a growth in size, now erect.

Katrina furrowed an eyebrow, “Sabrina, is Kylie doing what I think she's doing?”

Kylie hesitantly pinched one of her nipples and upon feeling a sudden rush of pleasure, did the same to the other. With her fingers circling around them she gently squeezed her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, letting out a deep exhale.

“Yeah, this'll definitely catch worldwide attention,” Sabrina answered. “She may even become a celebrity because of this.”

“Oh great,” Katrina rolled her eyes. “That's all we need, Kylie to get famous. We'd never hear the end of it.”

Kylie moaned loudly as she caressed her humongous melons, which were now 21 feet each. Completely ignoring everything happening around her, she closed her eyes; she was in her own little world. She fondled her large breasts while she occasionally squeezed her nipples with pure bliss. Kylie's mood had changed, much to the amusement to everyone below (especially those with their cell phones out). Video after video and picture after picture, Kylie was putting on quite a show.

“Wow. I'm....surprised she's doing this,” said Sabrina.

“I am too, especially with all these people watching. I deem this experiment a success! I'm going to look back on my notes and make some more batches. Hmmmmm, better yet, maybe I can add another alteration?” Katrina voice was filled with excitement.

“In your own way, you're cute when you get all nerdy, Katrina.”

“Thanks, Sabrina.”

“Ohhhhhhh, yessssssss....mmmmmmmm!” Kylie moaned. She squeezed her boobs and her fingers sunk into the flesh significantly; each breast was now 29 feet in diameter. To accommodate the weight of her breasts, Kylie had to lean over more just to take the pressure off of her back.

She pressed them together and felt them bounce and jiggle in relation to her hands' movements. Bigger her breasts grew, going from 34 feet in diameter, to 40, and continuing past 47. Kylie started to lose her balance, causing her to shift her feet to keep her from falling.

“Kylie! If you fall, AVOID the house!” Katrina shouted. “Please, just anywhere but the house!”

“I'm assuming you didn't get insurance against huge hooters?” joked Sabrina, though Katrina didn't find it as amusing.

Groaning, Kylie's tits reached a monstrous diameter of 54 feet each. Her balance looked very unstable and her arms looked awfully tired from cupping and holding her breasts as she explored their growth.

Kylie took a few steps back towards the fencing in the back of the yard before completely losing her balance, “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

She fell forward and landed on her massive breasts, bouncing on top of them upon making impact with the ground; cameras flashed in abundance as her boob flesh rippled endlessly. The impact was so great that it even resulted in people within the area that were unaware of Kylie, believing that they had just experienced a brief earthquake.

With her face buried inside her cleavage, Kylie managed to lift her head from between her breasts. She pushed herself up on her knees, arching her backside into the air while she pushed herself up on her hands, resulting in a massive flash display from cameras.

“If the guys aren't drooling enough, she's situated in the perfect doggystyle position,” Sabrina rolled her eyes.

“I sense jealousy in your voice,” Katrina replied with a grin. “You wish the attention was on you instead.”

Kylie stood on her hands and knees all while the insides of her arms pressed into her breasts. She moaned as they continued to grow below, swelling into her arms and out by her sides. They firmly pressed into the ground, her nipples sliding gently across the grass below. She bit her lip and rocked her body slowly, feeling her breasts bunch together and her cleavage rise towards her face. Moaning softly, she held herself up with her left hand and reached down with her other hand, squeezing her right breast. She searched for her nipple, teasing it between her fingers. Each breast was now 66 feet each, jostling against her arms while they swelled across the lawn.

Curling her toes, Kylie crossed her legs and leaned onto her breasts, smiling as they mashed into the ground. She pushed them together, feeling her nipples lift off the ground before returning to their place once she let go to watch them jiggle. She watched proudly as they pumped bigger, slowly pushing her up. Kylie extended her legs and her feet completely knocked over the fencing dividing Clara's and Katrina's house with their neighbor behind them.

“Ooops,” Kylie let out a delightful giggle, wiggling her toes and extending her long, smooth legs. “Ahhhhhh, that's better.”

“Oh, well that's lovely. THANKS FOR WRECKING THE FENCE!” Katrina hissed. “What else could go wrong?”

Sabrina tried to mask her giggle but couldn't, pointing at Kylie's breasts, “I think you spoke too soon....”

With her long legs fully extended, Kylie propped herself up onto her elbows. Her breasts swelled out past her sides, covering more and more of the backyard with every passing moment. With each breast now at 74 feet wide, they reached a few trees that were by the sides of her yard. Her left breast grew against a tree that was about 10 feet tall but stood no match; her breast snapped it like a toothpick. Her right breast reached a tree that was 16 feet tall and 2 feet wide, but even that didn't last long; Kylie's breast folded it over with ease while it swelled over-top of it. With her breasts now gaining ground on the side fences of the yard, Katrina finally realized just how big Kylie was getting. Her boobs were also getting closer to the house and at this rate they could very well expand into it. Kylie had little to no control. All she could do was watch her boobs inflate and jiggle against one another.

Even with Katrina's well-sized backyard, Kylie's 87-foot breasts had finally reached the fences. Kylie did her best to look over her boobs but couldn't see the fence on either side. Her enormous breasts swelled against the fences, the wooden panels creaked and groaned until the pressure became too extreme.



Kylie's boobs wobbled slightly, now growing into each of the neighbors' yards. Feeling her breasts swell over the broken panels sent chills throughout her body; she reached out and clenched her fingers into the ground, pulling up grass and dirt as she moaned.

The neighbor to Kylie's left had a shed in their backyard while the one to her right had an above-ground pool set up; Kylie's breasts inched closer to each. Clara's and Katrina's house weren't much further away, as Kylie's breasts were only a mere 15 feet away. Whether Katrina perceived it as a miracle or not, Kylie's boobs finally stopped growing, topping off at 98 feet each in diameter. Katrina, Clara, and Sabrina (along with those watching) looked around at all the destruction. Kylie's body had grown into the surrounding neighbors' yards; her long legs were fully extended behind her, and each breast was well into the neighbors' yards. All fencing around the yard was completely destroyed and now lay scattered across the ground or stuck under Kylie's boobs. There were no sign of the trees her breasts had steamrolled over as they too were wedged somewhere below them. Upon further inspection, Katrina could see that her yard had become uneven, outlining the impact of Kylie's towering tits. The area of impact left a crater of close to 4 feet deep.

After witnessing the end of Kylie's growth, the police officers turned around and urged people to leave the area. Although people were slow to leave, they took as many pictures and videos as they could while they walked back to their cars or back to their houses.

Katrina walked up to Kylie, mouth agape, looking around at how different her backyard now looked. Kylie bounced comfortably on her breasts as she tried to peer over her boobs to find Katrina.

“You're going to help fix all of this,” Katrina folded her arms.

“Errrrr, uhmmmm....Katrina, can you take a few steps back? I can't really see you because of my tits....”

Katrina sighed and stepped back, “Like I just said, you're going to make everything the way it was before. Got it?”

“Just use your magic, you can fix everything pretty much instantly,” Kylie remarked.

“I can, but I can't. You know why? Because we're outside, and I'm not going to cast spells where people can see me do that.”

“Well fuck, then just go inside and cast them!”

“Kylie, how would people explain floating fences magically fixing themselves, trees being set back to their upright position after being flattened, and my backyard that now has a damn crater in it all of a sudden being leveled out with nobody around?”

“ can uhhhhh....”

“Precisely. So because of you taking that potion and destroying my whole backyard with your boobs, you and Sabrina are going to spend however long it takes to pick everything up.”

“Wait, WHAT?” Sabrina jeered. “Why me?”

“Because Kylie said you upset her, which led to her taking the potion and ruining my backyard.”

“Well if you didn't leave potions out then Kylie wouldn't have found it, so that's on you.”

“You're the one that gave her the motivation. I'm going back inside to start developing a potion that'll shrink Kylie back down to normal.”

“You mean you don't have one already made?”

“I do, but it's just for giantess. With Kylie experiencing the breast expansion separately, that changes everything. I need to create one to shrink her breasts before giving her another to shrink her body back down to size. Giving her the other potion would just shrink her body leaving her with those massive breasts. And in my experience dealing with expansions and transformations, it's just much easier and effective going in reverse order of the changes that took place. I've never done giantess followed by direct breast expansion so this was very intriguing, it's definitely going into my notes,” Katrina fixed her glasses. “Anyways, I'm going to get started on those potions. I have an idea on where to start but it may take a couple of hours. Remember, it's a little different than what I normally do, especially since I don't do many mass-reduction potions.”

“I'd laugh if you made Kylie shorter than she was before.”

“You know, Sabrina, I could do that,” Katrina winked. “But I won't hold any grudges for you destroying my yard, Kylie. I've got it under control. You should be back to normal soon!”

Katrina hurried inside to get to work while Sabrina walked up to Kylie. She pressed both hands into Kylie's right breast while Clara followed behind.

Clara poked her finger into Kylie's breast, still in a bit of shock to see her friend at such a great size, “You feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I'm fine. I just....” Kylie pushed herself up onto her arms, almost like she was about to do a pushup, but instantly fell back to the ground and wobbled on top of her giant breasts. “I just can't move at all. My friggin' tits are weighing me down too much....”

“Oh, I know what will cheer you up! How about some juice? That always cheers me up!” Clara quickly ran into the house.

“At my size, I don't think a little cup of juice will have much an effect on me,” Kylie looked down for Sabrina but couldn't see her.

“Yeah. Just let her get you something to drink, she enjoys helping others.”

“Yeah, you're right.”

Sabrina paused for a moment and although Kylie couldn't see her she listened for her voice, “Kylie, I'm sorry about earlier. You're just fun to mess with sometimes. It's what friends do, right? Just harmless fun.”

“I know what you mean. It's okay. I do the same to you. I just get tired of you making fun of me. Besides, it's not like I can just hold a remote over your head like you do to me all the time. I'm not tall enough.”

“Well, you are now,” Sabrina laughed.

Kylie smiled, “Haha, that's true....”

Sabrina looked over towards the road and for the most part everyone had left. There were a few cars still parked off to the side and the officers that had arrived couldn't stay as they received a call about a traffic accident, so they left just as she gazed over.

“Hey, I'm back!” Clara ran outside with a cup in her hand. “Here, drink this!”

“I can't see either of you so I'll move my arm slowly so I don't hit any of you,” Kylie reached under her breast with her arm and Clara placed the cup between her index finger and thumb.

“Careful not to break the cup!” Clara reminded.

“I'll try my best. Never done this before,” Kylie chuckled a little and slowly lifted the cup to her mouth by bringing her arm between her cleavage. She opened her mouth and poured the drink in before slowly bringing her arm back down to give the cup back to Clara.

“So? Good?” Clara smiled brightly.

“Uhmmmm, sure. I can't really taste it since it's such a small drink, though. But I bet it's awesome! Thanks, Clara!”

“You're welcome! I wonder if I could cast a spell and make a huge cup of juice appear for you to drink? Though I'm not sure where I'd put it,” Clara looked around.

“No thanks! It's okay,” Kylie replied.

“You should make a huge hand randomly appear and have it slap Kylie's big ass,” Sabrina laughed. “But it's probably best to just wait until Katrina gets back before trying anymore spells.”

“Yeah, I'm already huge. I think it's for the best to lay off the magic until Katrina comes back,” Kylie assured. “No offense Clara, but she knows more about spells and such.”

Clara furrowed an eyebrow, “You sure? It's just juice.”

“Yeah, I'm fine. I-” Kylie paused. “Why is my ass tingling?”

“I don't know, maybe you've been in that position for so long that you need to stretch some more?” Sabrina implied.

Kylie stretched her legs out to the sides, knocking over a small shed in the neighbors' yard behind them and also a trampoline with her large feet, “Shit....nevermind. I actually don't feel like I need to stretch. It's just a random tingling, really.”

“Ohhhh....” Clara's tone faded quickly.

Sabrina turned to Clara and could sense something might be wrong, “What's the matter, Clara?”

“Well....I was cleaning dishes earlier when Kylie asked me about helping her with a spell, and....”


“Well, Katrina left a potion out by accident so I picked up the potion and took off the cork to see if I could smell what it was. Once Kylie left, you walked over and bumped me when you came into the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge, remember? Whatever was in it dropped into the juice bowl I had out on the counter and before I was able to empty it into the sink, you started talking to me about something and distracted me!”


Both Clara and Sabrina turned their heads slowly and glanced up at Kylie. Her breasts jiggled as she tried stretching her body without bumping into anything, “That tingling is getting stronger, believe it or not. That's weird. What was in that juice, anyways?”

“Oh, nothing unusual,” Sabrina replied with a huge grin. “Well, except for a potion....”

“WHAT?” Kylie's eyes widened. With the tingling becoming stronger, she could feel her thighs swell and press into one another more than they were before and even her hips began to widen. Her thighs swelled against one another causing her to open her legs further. She slowly looked over her shoulder to find that her already plump backside was swelling before her eyes. Both lusciously round cheeks pumped bigger, slowly obstructing Kylie's view of the neighbors' house behind her. She tried pushing herself up onto her arms and arched her back a little but fell once more onto her breasts, her whole body rippling uncontrollably. Her ass cheeks bobbed ferociously while her thighs continued to grow thicker. With her backside arched up, her ass had already grown enough for both Sabrina and Clara to see it swell into the air from down below. Both were in awe at this random growth Kylie was experiencing.

With Kylie's figure becoming curvier by the second, Sabrina, without taking her eyes off Kylie's backside, leaned over to Clara, “You might want to let your sister know about this....”

“Right, good idea!” Clara turned around and ran to get Katrina while Sabrina stayed to watch. Kylie's ballooning backside swayed in the air while Kylie watched with fear but also pleasure. She bit her lip while her eyes stared at her large, plump cheeks swelling without a care in the world. She reached back with her right arm and squeezed her right cheek, kneading the mass amount of flesh she could grasp in her hands and between her fingers. She gave her butt a slap and watched it wobble tremendously, letting out a soft moan.

With Clara close behind, Katrina rushed outside, “WHAT THE HELL? I can't leave you three alone for what, FIVE MINUTES, and something else ends up happening?”

“I just stood by and watched. It's actually quite funny, honestly,” Sabrina shot Katrina an innocent smile.

“It was just a typical potion so she shouldn't get much bigger anyways,” Clara stated. “It was just an accident.”

“Just....whatever. Keep an eye on Kylie while I go develop something to fix all of this. If her ass is still growing in the next five minutes then come and get me, okay?” Katrina went back inside the house leaving Clara and Sabrina alone with Kylie. They both watched her butt balloon larger, not taking their eyes away.

“You know what? When I woke up this morning I had no idea I'd see Kylie turn herself into a giantess that experiences some SERIOUS breast expansion and then you giving her a small little drink that then results in her growing an even bigger ass, not to mention Kylie's huge tits and big booty being displayed to the public, AND we got to experience that firsthand. I don't think I've laughed harder in my life than I did today.”

“Well, I didn't mean to make her butt grow bigger,” Clara replied with guilt in her voice. “It really was an accident....”

“It's fine, Clara. There's no need for you to worry. Katrina will fix all of this soon, just sit back and watch,” Sabrina acknowledged. “Besides, this was very entertaining. Definitely better than anything on tv.”

The End
I wanted to try something a little different than what I usually write, so here's my first-ever giantess story....with a little twist, of course! ;p To my knowledge giantess followed by mass-breast expansion is rarely done, if ever, so I wanted to do something different (maybe this'll even start a trend if it isn't one already?). I actually had a totally different idea planned for my first giantess story but figured it'd be perfect for my shortest OC Kylie to experience what being a giantess was like. I thought of the title immediately with the + symbol just being clever. The story picks up as you go and once I made sure the giantess and BE got in there, I just got random and wrote in whatever came to mind. I was actually going to end it right after Kylie experiences the BE but then wondered, "What would make this story even more random?" So after things start happening one by one throughout the story, there's one last surprise Kylie gets to experience! ;p :evillaugh:

I went crazy random so I hope you enjoy! :tighthug::highfive:
You guys are the best. I logged on and had so many people wishing me a Happy Birthday, it must've taken me at least twenty minutes just to reply to all the notes and comments! I know I already thanked you individually but I'll just say it again to everybody at once. Thanks for all your birthday wishes and your support for my stories. Really though, you guys are the best!

All right, I'm a day early with this....but hey, it's almost my birthday! Normally I don't get as excited for birthdays but Brad has reserved a table at one of the best restaurants in town. Friends of ours are watching the kids while we go out to dinner and as you can probably guess, that's something I look forward to ;p It's been a little while since we went out and did anything, so this will be marvelous. Can't wait! :)

Also, I may have a little surprise on the horizon ;)

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Aside from that, I am British and for those curious, I DO have the accent ;p I love to stay active whether it's going for afternoon jogs, or just playing sports with friends. I can be competitive but won't be upset if thing's don't go my way. I am very friendly, and I love to help people whenever I can. I'm a very caring person and enjoy cheering people up :huggle:

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