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Brad and I went to see Interstellar a couple of days ago, and it was pretty darn good. Some will say that the movie wasn't 100% factual but not all movies get everything right. Regardless, I really enjoyed it. I like movies that make you think and that aren't predictable. A couple of things I was able to guess correctly while watching (just because I have a creative mind), but overall it felt like it was something new to see that we haven't really seen before. The graphics and effects were pretty good, but the whole movie was mostly based on human emotion (which was also done well). I cried a little bit and I KNOW Brad was about to shed a few tears whether he admits it or not, lol (he still denies it :lol:). The ending was a little strange, but you can warm up to it. It was a very long movie, too. I think it was almost three hours. That may have been the longest movie I've seen in a theater....or at least top five.

I suppose this is like a little review of the movie (I just wanted to let you guys know that I went to watch it but it sort of turned into a review, lol). I REALLY enjoy space movies and sci-fi movies like this, so I was very psyched to go see it. Brad and I like a lot of the same movies (which makes it easy to watch one at a theater together!). We'd been waiting for a good space movie to go see and this was well worth it. I know Gravity came out earlier but I've heard mixed feelings about that, with most of them saying that it wasn't that great :p

Regardless, if you haven't seen Interstellar I highly suggest you give it a go whenever you're available. Again, not "everything" will be 100% factual (though still fairly close), but if you watch it from an entertainment standpoint, it's very well done.


Brad and I went to see Interstellar a couple of days ago, and it was pretty darn good. Some will say that the movie wasn't 100% factual but not all movies get everything right. Regardless, I really enjoyed it. I like movies that make you think and that aren't predictable. A couple of things I was able to guess correctly while watching (just because I have a creative mind), but overall it felt like it was something new to see that we haven't really seen before. The graphics and effects were pretty good, but the whole movie was mostly based on human emotion (which was also done well). I cried a little bit and I KNOW Brad was about to shed a few tears whether he admits it or not, lol (he still denies it :lol:). The ending was a little strange, but you can warm up to it. It was a very long movie, too. I think it was almost three hours. That may have been the longest movie I've seen in a theater....or at least top five.

I suppose this is like a little review of the movie (I just wanted to let you guys know that I went to watch it but it sort of turned into a review, lol). I REALLY enjoy space movies and sci-fi movies like this, so I was very psyched to go see it. Brad and I like a lot of the same movies (which makes it easy to watch one at a theater together!). We'd been waiting for a good space movie to go see and this was well worth it. I know Gravity came out earlier but I've heard mixed feelings about that, with most of them saying that it wasn't that great :p

Regardless, if you haven't seen Interstellar I highly suggest you give it a go whenever you're available. Again, not "everything" will be 100% factual (though still fairly close), but if you watch it from an entertainment standpoint, it's very well done.
Again, sorry for the wait, guys....was it worth the wait, though? :D Looking back now, I probably shouldn't have written it but I'm glad I did. I wanted to stick with writing part two to Kingdom Of Salador, which I'd most likely be done with and starting part three by now. But regardless, I'm very pleased with how the BE-filled Halloween story turned out ;p As I mentioned in the comments, it builds off from last year's Halloween story I wrote. Although there isn't much of a connection, there are some implications and I'd consider it a sequel. Pretty much the only difference is that Kylie is that one that grows this year....quite big, too! :lol:

I wrote a good portion of it within the past two days, and I'm relieved to finally have it submitted. Now I can relax for a little while before getting started on that part two. I enjoyed writing the story (as well as reading it), and I hope all of you do as well. Sabrina sure finds ways to impress ;) Also another warning....if she gives you candy, DO NOT eat it! Anything could happen ;p :evillaugh:

Here's the story from last year that this story builds off from: Together On Halloween Night

:dance::pumpkin: Happy Halloween....again! :pumpkin::dance:

"Monster Mash"
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Breast Friends

Leaves were rustling along the grass as they blew in the wind, and the temperature had dropped down to the mid-50's. Halloween had finally arrived and had given children pure joy to once again walk house to house in search of delicious candy.

Although it was well past midnight and trick-or-treating was over, Kylie walked down the sidewalk. She looked up at the clouds in the clear night sky and at the moon shining bright above her. It was actually quite a peaceful night.

As she walked she could see candy wrappers on the ground and a few houses with yards covered in toilet paper. It brought back memories of when she was in high school a few years ago. As she turned the corner she saw a house with its windows covered with eggs and with what seemed to be the owner outside cleaning them off, mumbling curse words to himself.

She passed under the glow of the street lights and casually looked over her shoulder and saw a figure behind her in the distance. She couldn't see if it was a male or female, but continued walking. As she turned another corner she could see off the corner of her eye that the figure was now much closer. It turned down the same street as she did, and although she didn't get scared easily, she began to worry. She picked up the pace of her steps as she hurried down the sidewalk, and after every few seconds she quickly look over her shoulder to see if the figure was still behind her. It was.

She turned down another street and after walking down a considerable distance, she looked again. The figure was still behind her and she realized that whoever it was may be following her. After bad thoughts of all the scary movies she watched yesterday to get herself psyched for Halloween, her walking turned into an all-out sprint. She ran down the sidewalk as fast as she could until she reached my house, where she ran to the front door and knocked persistently. I opened the door and she ran by me.

“Geez, Kylie, what's up with you?”

“Someone was chasing me! They were following me for a few blocks! I couldn't see who it was but they were following me!”

“Kylie, what did I tell you about watching too many scary movies? You know they get to your head.”

“I know, but I'm serious!”

I put an arm around her and walked her into the living room, “Yeah, okay....whether you were just seeing things or not, you're safe.”

Kylie breathed heavily as she caught her breath. She sat down on the couch to relax and as I walked into the kitchen she grabbed the remote and started flicking through the channels.

“Hey, Sabrina, Kylie said someone was chasing her. I want to believe her but I'm not sure if she was just seeing things. You know how she is after watching a bunch of scary movies in one day.”

“Yeah....that's probably it. She watches too many.”

“Hey, why are you near the back door? Did you go outside?” I asked.

“Huh? Oh, no. I noticed it was unlocked so I made sure it was closed properly before I locked it for you.”

“Oh, good. Thanks. Usually that door is locked, though. Perhaps Brad forgot to lock it,” I shrugged and walked over to the phone to call Clara.

Sabrina walked out into the living room and sat next to Kylie on the couch, “So, I heard you were being chased?”

“Yeah! It was scary! I didn't even know who it was, they just followed me!”

“Hmmmmm....did they follow you here? Perhaps they're waiting for you outside?” Sabrina chuckled.

“SHUT UP! You're just trying to scare me.”

“What? No I'm not. I'm just saying that if they know where you went they could be lurking behind the bushes waiting to GET YOU!”

“DAMMIT, YOU BITCH!” Kylie breathed heavily before she started to take longer breaths to calm herself down. “Stop.”

“Oh, come on. You always screw with everyone else. Nobody else is allowed to mess with you?”

Kylie folded her arms, “Correct.”

Sabrina rolled her eyes and leaned back on the couch. She looked at the coffee table and saw a few little candy wrappers in front of Kylie. As soon as she saw them, Kylie leaned over and grabbed another one, took off the wrapper, and placed it into her mouth.

“So, how's the candy?” Sabrina grinned.

“Not bad. The chocolate tastes pretty good. They're very small so I've had probably like four or five of these things, I don't remember,” Kylie chewed and swallowed, then licked her lips and made herself comfortable as she searched for tv shows to watch.

I walked out from the kitchen and over near the coffee table, “Clara made a cake. I told her she didn't need to, but she wanted to. You know how she is with baking stuff. Anyways, I'm going over to pick them up, all right?”

“Wait, where's Pandora? Is she with Clara and Katrina?” asked Kylie.


“What about Brad? Is he there, too?”

“No, he's at our friend's house. She asked Brad if he could keep an eye on her until her husband gets back from work. Since it's Halloween she said she didn't want to be by herself. Her neighborhood gets egged quite a bit, apparently. She drove over and picked him up earlier, and once her husband gets back he'll drop him off.”

“They're probably having sex right now,” Kylie laughed.

“Brad wouldn't cheat on me. And for that little comment, how about I make you wait outside until I get back? Maybe that person that was following you would like to say hello?”

Kylie's smile instantly faded away and Sabrina burst into laughter.

“Anyways, I'm going to get them. Clara said the cake turned out really good! She said she decorated it with pumpkins and bats and even witches! Guess who she used as the witches?”

“Let me guess,” Kylie rolled her eyes. “Katrina and herself....”

“Haha, yup! I can't wait to see how it looks. Anyways, you two going to find a movie for us to watch?”

“Possibly. I'm still looking, though.”

“Okay, Kylie. I'll see if the twins need help with anything before I come back. I'll be back in a little while. Oh! And there's a little leftover candy in the kitchen. Help yourselves,” I grabbed my purse and car keys and headed out the front door.

“I'm tempted to get up and look to see what's left. But I don't really want to move because I'm comfortable, and all the good candy is probably gone anyways,” Kylie turned to Sabrina.

“Yeah, probably. Did you get a costume for this year?”

“Sort of. I wanted to be random and dress up as an 80's hooker!”

“I'm not sure about the 80's, but you're certainly dressed as one,” Sabrina joked.

“Yeah, right. Because I'm definitely the one showing off more cleavage than you do on a daily basis,” Kylie laughed.

“I see what you did there,” Sabrina nodded. “You know, if you didn't have to work today we wouldn't be waiting for Janelle right now.”

“Yeah, well I'm glad she waited for me. If we hangout, we wait for EVERYONE. Clara is the same way. I'm sorry but I just had to work. I was about to text Janelle and see if she could pick me up but my phone battery ran out. So I walked home, changed, then walked here. That's when some creeper started following me.”

“Why not call from your apartment then?”

“I don't have a landline, only my cell. I didn't want to keep everyone waiting for me to charge it so I just started walking. It's not that far away, though,” Kylie shifted in her seat and brought her legs up onto the couch. In doing so, Sabrina could see a few more wrappers on the floor.

“Hmmmm....five wrappers on the table and what looks like three on the floor. You've had eight of those chocolate candies?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” she looked down and picked up a few more wrappers off to her side and set them on the table. “Actually, I think I had, like, twelve. But DON'T call me fat because they're really small candies. If you add them up it's like the size of two regular-sized candy bars.”

Sabrina's eyes widened a little, “Wow, I can't believe you ate all twelve of them....”


“Oh, nothing,” replied Sabrina. Her plan was going perfectly as planned.

Kylie flicked through the channels and sighed after every few she passed, “Wow, still nothing on. I've already seen all these movies within the past few days....”

“Hmmmm, what time is it anyways?”

Kylie looked around the room and spotted a clock on the wall behind Sabrina, “I see it, it's twelve, it's already November! October went by fast....”

“Wait, really?” Sabrina turned to look at the clock. “Wow. I didn't even realize it was that late.”

“Yeah, time flies. I just wish it did while I worked. You should've been at the restaurant earlier, when I leaned over to set drinks on the table I caught these guys sneaking a peak at my cleavage! They tipped well, though, so I didn't mind.”

“Oh, really now?” Sabrina's eyes shifted from Kylie's legs and up to her modest B-cup breasts.

“Yeah. I get looks all the time. The uniform I wear is just a little tight around my boobs, too. Like the buttons feel a little strained, you know that feeling?”

As the clock ticked deeper into the night Sabrina could feel her body heating up with desire. She was surprised Kylie hadn't noticed her fangs yet, and for the fact that she was able to wait this long until I had left. But now she finally had Kylie alone.

“What if I told you those candies you ate had a little kick added to them?”

“What? What do you mean?”

Sabrina eyed Kylie's chest to see if any changes had already occurred. Once Kylie realized what Sabrina was staring at she quickly looked down and then back up at her, “Wait a minute! What was in those candies!?”

“Let's just say things are about to get verrrryyyy interesting,” Sabrina smiled, showing off her sharp fangs. She slowly crawled on top of Kylie, who curiously reached up and gently poked one of her fangs.

“Those feel real! Where did you get those? Were they at that party store downtown?”

“They feel real because they are real.”

“Hahahahahaha, riiiiiiiiight,” scoffed Kylie. “Stop trying to scare me, by the way. It ain't gonna work.”

Sabrina opened her mouth to show that the fangs she had weren't plastic, and that there were no indication saying that they were fake. She looked into Kylie's eyes and seductively bit her lower lip with her fangs.

“I never told any of you this, well, except for Janelle last year....but I actually am a vampire. I turn at midnight, and that's the way it's always been. I got it from a curse. I know it's probably different than what you've heard about vampires, but now you know. That's why I've always left before midnight, because I didn't want anyone to know....”

With Sabrina hovering over her, Kylie gulped, “W-w-wait, you're s-saying that y-y-you're a vampire?”

“That's exactly what I'm saying. And I can't wait any longer, Kylie,” Sabrina closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them with a grin. “I want your blood.”

“What the-fuck THAT!” Kylie pushed Sabrina and ran upstairs. She ran into our bedroom and closed the door behind her. “This can't be real. This is fucked up incredibly.”

Sabrina leaned over and whispered into Kylie's ear, “Oh, but it IS real....”

Kylie turned around and screamed, “How the fuck did you get in here!?”

“I beat you upstairs. I'm quick.”

Kylie opened the door and closed it behind her before running back downstairs. She headed straight for the front door but Sabina appeared in front of it with her arms crossed, “Tisk, tisk. Trying to run away from ME? You should know better than that.”

“Leave me alone! I don't want you to bite me, you weirdo!” Kylie ran towards the kitchen and thought she had beaten Sabrina to the back door, but again, that wasn't the case.

Standing in front of the door, Sabrina rolled her eyes, “C'mon, Kylie. I can do this all night. You'll never beat me.”

Kylie turned and ran back towards the front door, but before she could make it, she was pushed over the back of the couch and landed on her back. In the blink of an eye she was facing the ceiling with Sabrina towering down on her.

A few tears started rolling down her cheek, “I-I'm sorry I make fun of you, okay? Just p-p-please don't hurt me! You're my best friend.”

“Awwww, you don't need to worry,” Sabrina wiped the tears away. “I won't hurt you. I'm also not mad at you.”

“Then what is all this?”

“A fun time. The changes should start anytime now, so here, let me get things started....” Sabrina reached down and lifted up her shirt. She set it over the edge of the couch and then leaned on top of Kylie while she reached down to unbutton her jeans. Kylie looked down at Sabrina's breasts and watched them wobble inside her bra while Sabrina pushed her jeans down her thighs. “I know you like staring at my boobs. And Janelle's, too.”


“Yeah,” Sabrina kicked off her jeans and let them fall to the floor. “We've caught you staring countless times. Anyways, I'm here now so do what you'd like.”

Sabrina sat up and Kylie's jaw dropped. As Kylie's eyes roamed around her body Sabrina smiled at her reaction. She hesitantly reached up to her bra and gave Sabrina's breasts a squeeze, watching as her cleavage bunched together.

“Straight to my boobs, huh?” Sabrina giggled.

Kylie was practically hyperventilating. She had a little crush on Sabrina for the past few years (hopefully she didn't make it too obvious) but with a body like Sabrina's, anyone could develop an attraction. At the moment, she wasn't sure what to expect or even how she should feel about all of this.

“Those candies are fast-acting, by the way,” Sabrina smiled. “I tried it on Janelle last year, hehe! Any time now....”

Although Kylie wasn't quite sure what she meant by that, she continued to fondle Sabrina's gorgeous breasts. She wasn't sure if they were DD or if they had gotten bigger than when she last looked, but perhaps it was because she hadn't seen her in only a bra for long time. Her cup size drew Kylie insane. There was just so much “boobage”, as she would usually say. Still, Sabrina didn't seem to mind being fondled.

Sabrina sat up and reached behind her back. Kylie watched as she pulled her bra away and her breasts roll out beautifully before her eyes. Now topless, Sabrina gave Kylie a wink, “You know, I also ate of few of those candies....”

As her body heated up, Sabrina could feel a tingling in her breasts. It started off slow before quickly building up. As Sabrina closed her eyes, Kylie watched from below as her breasts started to grow. Sabrina let out a soft moan while Kylie's hands glued themselves to her boobs, where she continued to fondle and caress her bare breasts.

Kylie kneaded Sabrina's magnificent tits, feeling them swell bigger like fleshy twin balloons. Cup size after cup size she grew, and Kylie was in absolute bliss. She pinched her nipples and smiled at Sabrina's reaction, feeling her slowly rock back and forth on her body.

“You know I was the one following you earlier, right?”

Kylie's hands instantly froze, “What?”

“Yeah, that was me. I knew you were coming here so I followed you. I'm very quick, as I'm sure you can tell by now. Did I scare you? Hehe, I find it sexy when my prey gets scared....” Sabrina leaned down and her breasts pushed down into Kylie's own breasts. Kylie looked down and they were noticeably much larger than her own, but just the way they rested on top of her turned her on. The luscious curve of her boobs was just so sexy, and she could even feel them swelling! Sabrina pinned Kylie's arms down to the couch while her boobs continued to swell, pressing down against Kylie's body. Kylie hadn't felt this hot in a while. Just the way Sabrina pinned her motionless got her blood pumping.

Sabrina moved up and smothered Kylie's face with her breasts. As they jiggled against her face, Kylie giggled happily below. Once Sabrina let go of her arms she reached up to squeeze her breasts again, pressing them together with her face sandwiched between.

Kylie could feel a strong desire from within her body. She wasn't sure if it was just the heat of the moment or not, but she had completely forgot about the candy until Sabrina reminded her, “Hmmmm, I only had two....maybe three of those candies that you had.”

As Kylie caressed Sabrina's boobs her smile slowly faded, “But I had....twelve?”

“Hehe, you sure did,” Sabrina replied. “You're going to be huge.”

Sabrina had great timing. Perhaps she could sense her heartbeat beating faster and her blood pumping throughout her body? She tried not to show it, but the buildup inside her body was getting very difficult to disguise. She took long, deep breaths to try to relax, but the tingling sensation only grew stronger. Sabrina sat up and smiled as Kylie closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. When she looked down she could see Kylie's shirt start to rise as both of her breasts began to swell.

Once Kylie opened her eyes, Sabrina started to squeeze her breasts. Kylie's jaw dropped while Sabrina cupped her hefty tits and pressed them together. She squeezed each breast and Kylie couldn't believe just how big her boobs had grown. It was one thing to be smothered by them, but to see them tower above her eyes was another (and even better) point of view.

“Is this getting you in the mood?” Sabrina asked, cupping her massive jugs. “As if you weren't in the mood already....”

Watching Sabrina cup and fondle her breasts took her mind away that her own breasts were going through changes of their own.

“Hmmmm, you may have double D's,” Sabrina inspected Kylie's chest with a smile on her face. “I still can't believe you ate twelve....”

Kylie gave Sabrina a look before glancing back down to her breasts. How were her boobs already this big? They were huge! Her shirt already felt tight, especially her bra which Sabrina also noticed.

“I'm tempted to just rip that shirt off of you,” Sabrina watched Kylie's swelling bust inch bigger. “But it's so hot watching your shirt get tighter around your tits.”

Kylie reached her hands to her breasts and tried pushing them down, or at least get them to stop growing. She was amazed at how full they were. Her bra was stretching underneath and although she couldn't see them, she could feel her boobs starting to outgrow her bra.

“Nice try, but you can't stop them from growing. But you can certainly squeeze them all you like,” Sabrina giggled. “It sure is a sexy feeling, would you agree?”

Kylie looked down once more, this time watching her shirt open up as she stared into her rising cleavage. She had never seen so much cleavage before, so this was quite the shock. As she pushed her breasts down her cleavage dipped upon her touch as her breasts continue to expand before her eyes.

“Here, I'll help you out a little,” Sabrina ripped Kylie's shirt about an inch down the center. “You're welcome, by the way. If I didn't do that your boobs would fill up your whole shirt and it'd get very tight. Speaking of which, you're filling out your shirt quite nicely, hehe! Oooooo! I can even see your bra as well!”

To further justify that her boobs were swelling out from her bra, all she had to do was look down. Now that her shirt was ripped, it gave her breasts a little more room to grow. Her bra could be seen desperately containing her swelling melons, but both Sabrina and Kylie knew the fight would be lost at any time.

As Kylie continued to grow, Sabrina had a devilish grin on her face as she watched her shirt rip further and her bra squeeze her swelling bust. To speed things up, she ripped Kylie's shirt a little more, rewarded with a view of more cleavage, “Hehe, whoa....”

Kylie's shirt ripped further across her expanding bustline. Every few seconds would see another gradual tear followed by another, and another. Her breasts had filled up her shirt in no time and while they kept putting pressure on her shirt, its demise wasn't so distant.

“You know what? I don't think I've seen anyone eat anywhere close to twelve of those candies before. Even I never tried THAT many.”

Kylie was still unrest over the whole situation. She pressed her breasts together, feeling her shirt instantly rip another inch, “'s....”

“Like I said before,” Sabrina couldn't help but chuckle. “You can't stop it. You WILL grow....quite big, as a matter of fact. This actually turned into a little experiment for me as well.”

Kylie gulped as Sabrina leaned closer, “B-b-but I-”

She pinned her arms to the couch while Sabrina locked lips with hers, their breasts pressing against one another. Although Sabrina's boobs had finished growing already, she could feel Kylie's ballooning breasts beneath her as she lay below. One thing Kylie was able to tell, was that Sabrina was a very good kisser. She was even using her tongue! A loud snap was heard, causing Sabrina to look down at Kylie's cleavage.

“Hmmmm, your bra never even stood a chance, hehe....” she kissed above Kylie's breasts as they grew into her chin. Her breasts had split her bra and continued to push her cups apart as they expanded bigger. Sabrina was anxiously waiting for Kylie's shirt to completely tear apart; it was a very dramatic pace, and she found herself becoming less patient.

Now that her bra had opened up underneath, Kylie's nipples could be seen pressing against her shirt; Sabrina thought it was very cute. Realizing that she was slowly being pushed away due to Kylie's breasts, Sabrina knew she didn't have much longer to make her move.

“I'm sure you know what I'm going to do next, right?”

“P-please! Don't bite me, I'm begging you!”

“Listen, there's no need to worry, Kylie. You won't be turned into a vampire, and I promise it won't hurt. Well, maybe a little....but it'll go away very quickly,” Kylie tried shuffling her body to get away but Sabrina's arms didn't budge. “Vampires are stronger than humans, so like I said before, there's no use in trying to escape. Though I do find it very sexy, and rather cute....”

Sabrina leaned in and kissed Kylie's neck passionately as she squirmed. She opened her mouth and gently bit her on the neck moments after, and Kylie quickly felt a sharp sting followed by cool chill which resulted in goosebumps all over her body. To her surprise Sabrina told the truth. The bite had a quick sting, but any pain vanished quickly. It actually felt relaxing.

Kylie panted, still wrapping her mind around this whole situation. Sabrina didn't spend very long sucking her blood as less than a minute later she sat up and licked her lips, “Mmmmmm....delicious. See, that wasn't so bad now, was it? All I needed was a little thirst quencher.”

As Kylie's chest rose up and down with each breath she took, she swallowed hard at the sight of her twin globes wrapped tightly inside her fading shirt. Cleavage was oozing from her top, and she saw the tips of Sabrina's fingers gentle glide over the curve of her breasts to give them yet another playful squeeze.

“Hmmm, would you compare your tits to volleyballs or basketballs? I'm just curious.”

Kylie's straining shirt allowed for flesh to pour out from the small holes and tears that had formed, further signifying that her breasts were showing no signs of slowing down.

As they pumped bigger, Kylie could feel her shirt pulling apart in its final moments. Sabrina stared closely just as her shirt popped open and her breasts burst free; they jiggled gracefully before Sabrina's eyes while her hands were now already caressing Kylie's lovely melons.

“Haha, now I'm the one that goes straight for the boobs,” Sabrina laughed. “Let me help you get that shirt off.”

She helped Kylie's arms through the holes and also helped with her bra. Kylie let out a little sigh of relief now that she wasn't as constricted in movement anymore, but she was also completely topless, which difficult to get used to. Though as Sabrina dropped her torn clothes to the floor, she leaned in to Kylie's cleavage and squeezed her breasts against her face. Kylie watched her boobs wobble side to side as Sabrina caressed them.

Although hesitant, Kylie placed her hands on Sabrina's ass before sliding up to her hips. Sabrina looked down happily, “Finally, there's the Kylie I know. You've been acting differently.”

“I know....I just wasn't sure what to think. I mean, you've kept this a secret from me for years. I don't think anyone else even knows.”

“Janelle does.”

“Well, other than her. Why didn't you tell me? Can't you trust me?”

“I can. You're my best friend. I wasn't sure what you'd think. I didn't want to hurt you. Also, sometimes I don't think clearly once I turn. Like, I get....more frisky, you could say.”

“You mean this isn't you being frisky?”

“Hehe, not even close. I can get much more friskier than this,” Sabrina leaned down for a kiss, and due to Kylie's breasts, she could barely reach her lips. “Wow, your tits are huge....”

Sabrina kissed Kylie's right nipple before twirling her tongue around it. Kylie cooed softly with a little shiver running up and down her spine. Sabrina smushed her boobs together, feeling them continue to swell against her hands. She sat up slowly and kneaded them playfully with a very pleased look on her face. She couldn't get enough of squeezing Kylie's breasts, watching the flesh give in to the gentle caress of her fingers. There was just something about it that really got her going. She could tell Kylie enjoyed it just as much as she was. Thankfully she was finally starting to lighten up back to her usually self, though it was very sexy to see her squirm and try to escape, Sabrina thought.

Kylie reached up to Sabrina breasts and pressed them together, smiling as her cleavage surged between Kylie's hands. As she did, Sabrina smirked, “Don't get used to having bigger boobs than me, either. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

Kylie laughed, “That's right, I do have bigger boobs than you! I just realized that.”

“Yeah, like I said, don't get used to it.”

“Somebody's jeeeeaallloouuusssss.”

“No I'm not,” Sabrina smiled and dove her head between Kylie's mountainous breasts. Upon doing so Kylie wrapped her arms behind Sabrina's head and hugged her close into her breasts. With her head still between Kylie's boobs, she looked up into Kylie's eyes. “How's the bite feel?”

“'s okay. I don't really feel it at all.”

“See? Told you. All I needed was a little to tie me over for a while. Also, let's get you up on your feet! I want to see gravity work its magic!” Sabrina pushed herself off Kylie and grabbed both her arms. While her boobs pressed together Kylie sat up and then stood on her feet in front of the couch. It was then that she could sense the massive amount of weight that had been put on her chest.

Kylie felt like she was about to fall forward at any moment. Her boobs were way out of proportion with her 5'2” frame, “This feels weird....”

“Haha, it's okay. Just look at you! Your boobs are like friggin' beach balls!”

Kylie cupped her large breasts and looked down at the rest of her body. As she did, she could feel them swell within her grasp which quickly brought her attention back to them. While her boobs grew into her arms, her cleavage billowed up into her chin.

While Sabrina sat on the couch, she stared at Kylie's breasts as they outgrew her grasp, “Keep holding that position as long as you can! I want to see how long you can last.”

“Well, I, errr....” Kylie could already feel her tits swell over her arms, and she did her best to not let go. To her, it felt like she was hugging two giant water balloons. “Uggghh....too friggin' heavy....”

“Gee, I'll say....I wonder if you can still fit through doorways?”

Kylie gave her a look while her boobs surged higher into her face. This surely wasn't something she had experienced before; both of her breasts were just so big and heavy....cupping them became unbearable. With a little grunt she gave up and let go. Sabrina nodded with what seemed to be a look of approval as Kylie's boobs bounced in front of her.

Still growing, Kylie arched her back and opened her legs slightly. She still felt like she was leaning forward so shifting her weight even a little bit didn't seem to help very much.

“You seem to be getting a kick outta this,” Kylie turned her body a little and her boobs jiggled together.

“Of course! Just look at those! I bet they'd make great pillows....soft, warm....I'd fall asleep instantly.”

Kylie thought she was in control, but as her breasts showed no indication of letting up, the weight was gradually increasing. With added strain to her back with every passing second, she was starting to hunch over, and arching her back wasn't an option anymore. She cupped her breasts the best she could to alleviate some weight, but she struggled.

“Holy shit....they've got to be like at least two feet wide by now,” Sabrina admired. “Keep it up and you'll be bigger than the couch!”

Kylie hoped she'd stop growing before it came to that, but at this rate there was no way to truly tell just how much longer until they stopped. As she shuffled her feet her boobs jiggled inside her hands and Sabrina mouthed the word “wow” as she gazed at them.

Kylie's arms started to shake; she lifted and held them as long as she could (which took some stress off her back) but the weight was too much for her arms. Exhaling deeply, Kylie sighed and was forced to let go. Her boobs rolled forward but the sudden weight-shift caught her off guard and sent her forward. She fell onto Sabrina who fell onto her back with Kylie now on top. Kylie's breasts wobbled underneath her in the moments after, still amazed at how such a sudden shift in weight had caused her whole body to fall forward onto Sabrina. Sabrina didn't seem to mind, though.

“Looks like I'm the one pinning you now,” Kylie winked.

Sabrina was completely pinned by Kylie's boobs, and she smiled as they jiggled mere inches from her face, “ quite the observation.”

“Now look who's the one that's helpless,” Kylie leaned forward and reached under her breasts to lift them up a little higher. In doing so she ended up hugging them, feeling their growth being directed up to their faces.

As Kylie's tits grew, Sabrina saw less and less of her face due to the accentuated curve of her breasts. Soon, Sabrina could barely see the top of Kylie's forehead. As she rose higher into the air Sabrina stared into Kylie's deep cleavage as it swelled before her eyes. If she wanted to she could easily get out from underneath her, but she was content being pinned down by Kylie's huge, luscious breasts.

With her arms still hugging her breasts, Kylie could feel her right breast brushing against the back rest on the couch, while her left was starting to swell over the edge and towards the coffee table. She could no longer see Sabrina.

“You okay down there?”

“Yes. I can't really tell from here but how big are you now?”

“Well,” Kylie looked around. “I'm growing over the edge of the couch. My right boob is attempting to climb the wall.”

“Climb the wall?”

“Yeah, the back of the couch. I can already feel the the coffee table on my left breast, too....gee, it's friggin' cold!”

Sabrina laughed, “Perhaps you should sit back down. At least you'd be able to rest them on your lap.”

“Yeah, I suppose it's worth a shot,” Kylie tried to get up but her boobs weren't moving one bit. She tried again, this time pushing off the back of the couch with her hand but still found the same result. “Hey, uhhhh....I can't move. I'm stuck.”

“What? Did you even try moving? I didn't feel anything.”

“Yes! I tried!” Kylie tried once more, trying to fall onto her backside. She reached under her breasts and lifted, but they were too heavy for her to handle. “Kind of funny how not too long ago I was arching my back to stop from falling forward, and now I'm trying to lean backwards....”

The couch started to creak underneath them, a sound both had never heard. It quickly worried Kylie, “Fuck! Did you hear that?”

“Yeah. You're killing the couch, Kylie.”

“Shut up!” Kylie looked around helplessly. Her boobs were roughly four feet wide now and she was stuck with nowhere to go. As the couch creaked desperately her right breast had already made its way over the back of the couch and her left was expanding across the coffee table and seeping in between the table and the couch itself. She felt her left nipple slide across the table slowly while the other rubbed against one of the couch cushions, causing her to moan softly. “Uggghhhhh....pleeeeassseee don't break the couch!”

“'s....getting harder to breathe!” Sabrina was being crushed below due to the continuously added weight being put on by Kylie. She tried pushing off the couch with her feet while pushing herself up with her arms. Kylie could feel her trying to move from underneath her, though she wasn't sure if she'd be able to get herself free or not.

Sabrina's knees pushed into Kylie's breasts while she turned her body a little and pushed her feet into one of the cushions below Kylie. Sabrina's body slid up about six inches before she regained her footing again, and extended her legs. She slid higher, though she was still buried between Kylie's cleavage. She grabbed the side of the couch and pulled herself out. Doing so took a few attempts, but after using her feet, she was finally able to slid over the arm rest. With her back now on the floor, Sabrina pulled her legs out from between Kylie's boobs and stood up with a sigh, “You know, you didn't make that easy.”

Both of them were unaware that the couch was starting to dip in the center. Kylie figured if she kept growing she'd bust the couch and have to spend the next few months taking out a chunk of money from her paychecks to help repay for a new one, but just before her hope was crushed, she stopped growing. She had never been so shocked and relieved at one time until now.

Sabrina folded her arms, “Hmmmm, so that's what happens when you eat twelve of those candies....”

Kylie let out a sigh of relief and buried her head into her own cleavage. Just as she did her head popped back up as she heard the door nob jiggle and then turn.

“Hey, you two! We're ba-” I stopped in my tracks once I turned towards the living room. I saw Kylie's body resting on two giant breasts, while Sabrina stood off to the side with a cheeky grin completely topless. Clara was the last to enter, and she casually walked out from behind everyone with the cake in her hands.

“Hey, HAPPY HALLO-” Clara's jaw dropped.

“Janelle, don't worry,” Kylie assured. “Nothing got broken, I swear. Though I do need some help off the couch before it breaks....I've tried but I honestly can't move.”

I sighed and walked over to them. Pandora and Katrina followed me while Clara hurried off into the kitchen to set the cake on the counter. She came back out and walked in front of Kylie staring up at her, “What happened?”

“It's a long story,” Kylie rolled her eyes.

“Oh. Okay then!” Clara smiled happily and reached into her pocket. She pulled out a small piece of candy, unwrapped it, and put it in her mouth. Although there wasn't much room for it, she placed the wrapper on the last bit of space on the table that wasn't covered by Kylie's breast.

“Clara, where did you get that candy?” asked Kylie. “I think that's....”

“This? Sabrina gave me some earlier today. I was too busy with the cake and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters that I haven't been able to eat some candy myself! I had some on the ride over here. Sooooo yummy!”

“Uh many have you had?”

“Hmmmmm,” she thought. “Maybe fifteen. They're so small, though! I didn't realize I had so many.”

Kylie set her eyes on Sabrina. Sabrina looked over and with her arms still folded, she gave Kylie a wink, with that cheeky grin still on her face.

The End
Breast Friends
Hey, guys! Sorry for the wait. I was busy and couldn't finish it in time. I had another title in mind for this story, but once Halloween passed I felt that I should change it. Plus, the new title works great, haha ;p

This story builds off from the Halloween story I wrote last year, here's the link: Together On Halloween Night

It's been a little while since I've went all-out with a BE story, so I figured I was due for one :lol: (Kylie and Sabrina make a pretty good combo, I must say). And as if Sabrina couldn't get any sexier, she did :D Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the story! I'm glad it's finally completed. Also, Sabrina likes giving away candy, or just leaving some around, so be careful if you find any! ;p :evillaugh:

:pumpkin: Happy belated Halloween! :pumpkin:
Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has a great day (and weekend), and please be safe if you're going out! I've got some Halloween stories I'd like to share with you to get everyone into the Halloween spirit!

Expansion On Evergreen Road (although this isn't a "Halloween" story it does have a spooky feel to it)

Expansion Curse: Part One

Expansion Curse: Part Two

Expansion Curse: Part Three

Together On Halloween Night

The Six Flavors Of Seduction

I'm getting closer to finishing this year's Halloween story. It probably won't be done until a few days from now but while you wait, take a look at these stories! Enjoy! :tighthug:

:pumpkin: Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:

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